Post #43-Propa Beauty Haul- Lipstick Day 2022!

Imagine my excitement when the Female and Black owned brand Propa Beauty asked me if I would like to receive their lipstick collection! I was thrilled! I loved Fighter, a deep smooth brown I picked up a while back, but the whole collection…YES PLEASE!!!

Propa Beauty is a brand that just spells out classy determination and chutzpah! They started creating colours and launched during the pandemic and it already looks like a successful company in my opinion, but what do I know. Their product just is that good and the sales are amazing even for us international shipping types.

Propa focuses on the right nudes and colours with undertones that compliment each skin tone as well as your undertones. Did I mention that their lippies are paraben free and vegan?! They all glide on easily and feel like they’re hydrating your lips. I had to search them as soon as I got them. Usually when I do a shoot, my lips are tired from the application and wipe off afterwards, but not soon this time. I could have tried a hundred more. I fell in love 19 times with this brand. I am so impressed especially for the price point. And let’s not forget the packaging. Just like a nicely presented plate of food indicates that the food on the plate will taste good, packaging of any make up product kind of makes me think this will look good on me. Not make me look good…honey you already look good, but this product also looks good on me. Well done, Propa Beauty because you did that 19 times over! so let’s have a look!

Finesse is a nude that I can see wearing alone or to lighten the centre of anything with an ombré look. Like all of the other colours in the collection this lippie is buildable. But as we know, if I’m wearing it, I’m wearing it like I mean it. Fully coloured and loving it.

Profits is a gorgeous nude with some spunk! I love it.

Victress is my perfect skin match. I love a perfect nude. Come on somebody!

Overall I am thrilled to wear these. No guess for the rest of the summer I am so ready to support brands like Propa Beauty because they make quality affordable and enjoyable. We’ll done. Hey babe, don’t forget to get all of the sales today for Lipstick Day. Propa has half off right now. Whichever brand or colour you choose honey, wear it like you mean it. See you soon!

Check them out here and be sure to read their story because just like their lippies, it’s a beaut

Post #42-Into The Woods

Hi There! A lot has been going on since we last spoke and you know what?…that’s OK. I won’t apologize for different rhythms or new life experiences. This life is a journey. I thought I’d share a planned and much needed detour with you.

At one point it seemed as though I was wearing more lipstick during the pandemic but when I got my new job, I had to wear a mask more often and slowly the amount of lipstick I wore dwindled down. I’m saying this with faith and hope, we’re coming out of this thing and masks are optional just about everywhere which means I can choose to adorn my lips again without fear of smudge and outfit ruin.

In May my bestie, Jilly and I went on a Long weekend trip up north and did some city girl style hiking. She had real hiking boots, I had sneakers, we both have a fear of bugs, and a hotel reservation because camping is a lot, lol. But into the woods we went nonetheless. Side note: I’m so happy to see and be some of the Black people who are doing things that “we” wouldn’t “normally” do or even be interested in. Going up north with a cooler bag and some clothes whilst surrounded by greenery is a beautiful option to the city landscapes and noise pollution that is second nature to most of us. A change in scenery can do a soul good!

And of course I never go outside naked, so I carried a lighter version of my make bag with some drug store and black owned beauty products and decided to try out a few brands and or colours I hadn’t before with God’s creation for the background. Check it out!

Pictures above feature in order NARS, Too Faced, Thread It, Pat McGrath, Propa Beauty, and Mented!

I hope I can inspire you to go way outside and try your go to lippies in a different space. Take in God’s natural cathedral and breathe in some fresh-non-covid-and-fear-infused-air.

I’ll see you soon from somewhere on this beautiful planet but even if it’s from my office, the woods, or downtown near some skyscraper, I’ll be wearing lippies like I mean it.

Post #40-Happy Black History Month!

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m late, but I decided to pause or selah for the month of January. I just needed to reset and think without the prompts and distractions of social media. BUT I never stopped thinking about how we can celebrate a whole new Black History Month. I think 2022 will be the year where I stop and intentionally feel all the things. I will celebrate and rejoice. I will stop and consider. I will comfort others who have comforted me, I will intentionally see and celebrate, so let’s start with the month of February.

As you probably know by now I love me some black owned and female owned lippies. Well, ColouredRaine was having a sale and I was feeling sad about our recent lockdowns so it just made sense that I show support. Besides working from home again meant that I could wear more lipstick without the threat of a mask-hello!

I also got a lip balm and a lipstick from PAT McGRATH and the MOTHERSHIP because why not?! and then I remembered a beautiful Montreal, Canadian brand NAGI with it’s own velvety cream liquid lipsticks…So yes, I splurged a bit, but this was my way of celebrating a month that usually forces people to only look at the struggle of slavery days instead of the Black Excellence in the many realms of society where Black people are getting it right. That being said, I decided to share with a few people over the holidays so they can learn about this Black Excellence too. Let’s have a look at my new loves!

I ordered 9 ColouredRaine Matte Liquid Lipsticks (and I think they’re still having a ridiculous sale. get yours!) I gave 2 away and Mama tried some too. What I love about ColouredRaine anything is the presence of pigment and quality. I always feel like what you see is the colour you get regardless of your skin colour. Talk about equality! Here’s a look at the 7 I still have. Thank you, ColouredRaine, I’ll be back!

Kiss Me– A Wonderful Royal purple with Blue undertones that pop even with blue hair. This reminded me of TheLipBar‘s Crown Me so I’m still feeling so royal, because as we know I can never have too much purple on my lips.

MUAH– is metallic, soft and matte! 🤯 I’m always surprised when I wear a metallic matte by this brand because how did they get it to sparkle and stay in one place. This colour is also so soft and pretty that I’m sure it would also be great as topper on a darker shade. I’m in love.

Bachelorette– This lippie had me feeling myself. What a wonderful bold and yet subdued nude! There’s just enough pink undertone in this to make it pop and highlight the melanin in my skin. This one will definitely need replacing soon.

Caramel– This one was educational. I’ve never in all of my lip-wearing life found a matte colour that was my exact skin colour, like my shoulder’s colour on my lips. Well, I found it. I like it but I think I will use it in ombre situations because it will work as a great base coat. It looked absolutely wonderful on Mama where it pops against her golden skin.

Soul- Is a purple grey wonder that made my inner self smile deep into my tones. This one reminded me of Visionary from the Superstay Matte Ink collection by Maybelline. As it dried, it was a deep grey with purple tones that still complimented my skin. Love this!

Truffle Raine- Is a wonderful Chocolatey gift to my lips. The pop of colour against my mocha brown skin looks like it was made for my yellow under tones with it’s own yellow undertones. I know my besties would consider this a safe fun one. Not too bright, but how could we not notice-type of lippie.

Roulette- This colour is like the end of a musical work with themes completing this section of the lippie haul. It’s purple again, but not. It is giving me a deep red-is wine colour underneath that is more evident before it dries and yet as the colour dries, you can see the beautiful plum effect. How could I not be happy with a lippie like this?! Simply wonderful!

Next up is this wonderful lipstick by the incomparable Pat McGrath. It is from the LuxeTrance collection in the colour Sedition 422. What I love about this colour is how easy and full it applies to my lips. And it’s moisturizing in a way I can’t understand. This is a mix of a satin and matte in textures, but is pigmented enough with this deep rich red that there will still be enough colour left on your lips that reapplying will only be done because you can and not because you’ll need too. Anything The Mothership is making is good for me.

Last but certainly not least are these two Velvet liquid lipsticks that go on like a wonderful cream and dry to a velvet texture that hugs you lips fully. There are a few more lippies in this collection that NAGI offers and I’m happy to say that I will add these to the general collection in the make up drawer.

Validate is a deep pink burgundy wonder that looks more pink when first applied and dries wondrously to compete with any red you may have.

Betty Boo Is the red you didn’t know you needed and it’s Canadian! You’re welcome. I wore this throughout a chicken dinner and a family meeting and I was full and feeling wonderful.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little journey through this Black Owned lippie haul. How are you celebrating this month? What colour are you wearing inside, outside, or on zoom? I wish you a wonderful time of exploration into all that the Black Community at large has blessed the world with. It is all a gift from above.

Happy Black History Month from my lips to yours. #wearitlikeyoumeanit 💋

Post #39-Merry Christmas, again!

Well Hello there! I just had to jump on to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I’m grateful to be alive even though this is our 2nd or 3rd one in a pandemic I think…I’ve lost count and almost lost hope. Seeing people put the extra effort into making it work and trying to celebrate amidst new restrictions and variants gives me some more hope.

It’s been hard to be a lipstick lover these last few months because I just don’t get to wear it as often. I’ve also learned that the shape of your mouth under a mask can also determine how much smudge and smear will happen. For example my top lip is slightly smaller than my bottom but juts forward just a bit at the top always touching the inside of my mask. Add humidity, a bright colour, even a matte liquid lipstick can barely hold on in those conditions and before you know it I look like the wrong side of a clown. 😩

That being said I have not stopped collecting or completely wearing lippies, that’s what zoom calls are for now, but I do miss lipstick and gloss and these two options are the most dangerous. As a performer however, I’ve been gifted the opportunity to wear a little more than the average lip wear lover thanks to being on stage. So below I’ll post a few of those pictures and the lip choices for each event and be on my way to Christmas celebrations.

This is Pioneer from Superstay Matte Ink by Maybelline, one of my forever drugstore favourites when I got to sing on TV at the 100 Huntley Street program last month.

This is Juvia’s Place Red Velvet I got to use while shooting a farm country scene in Church On The Queenway’s Nativity Musical Movie. It’s so velvety just like it’s name suggests and it super affordable while being bold and luxurious.

RAW by Make Up For Melanin Girls is a matte soft velvet liquid lipstick that is perfect for those all-day zoom meeting days.

By The grace of God, I got to do a little getaway that was more for my sanity than anything else and ooh, I already miss the sun. When thinking tropical, I usually don’t consider bronze except for my skin glow, but this liquid lipstick by ColouredRaine in Empire had me feeling uber royal! #ThankYouJesus and #ThankYouColouredRaine

And Yes add purple in every shade. Do it for Zoom, do it for parties you attend with your crazy baby brother, do it because you can and #wearitlikeyoumeanit. Here I am wearing Escapist with Philosopher from Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink line, Undefeated by FentyBeauty and Visionary also by Maybeliine. Purple lips just makes me feel wonderful. 😍

Listen Love, I don’t know what your Holiday plans include, but let me encourage you to consider celebrating life, hope, and presence. You’re still here and life is fragile, and because we’re still here no matter how many times we didn’t show up for ourselves, God in His grace and mercy keeps showing up and giving us glimmers of hope in the midst of this pandemic messy life. Even a candle is light in a big dark room. If no one else is celebrating, then know you’ve got at least one more person in me celebrating you tonight. So pick out your favourite lipstick or gloss or chapstick (yes lip care is still important) and choose You. Head up, brush teeth, apply lip and clothes somewhere in that list, and hope again this Christmas! Merry Christmas!



Post #38- roy g Biv: BLUE

roy g Biv

What comes to mind when you see the colour Blue? Perhaps it’s the sky on a perfect cloudless summer day or the ocean waves on a tropical vacation. Maybe it’s your favourite flavour of slushy at the local corner store or a flashback picture from the 70s where blue eyeshadow was so misunderstood 😩. Maybe it’s deeper than that and blue represents feelings of sadness and depression on cold Winter nights. Blue can represent many things for us, so let’s be intentional with our use of the colour blue and maybe use it to express our feelings or repurpose it to do something spectacular like adorn our lips.

I first discovered the colour blue when I bought my first blue Annabelle eyeliner and applied it to my melanated skin one summer day. My skin glows a beautiful all-the-way-golden-brown in the Toronto sunlight in a way that makes me walk a little straighter and smile a little brighter. I had no reference for blue eyeliner on Black women in my own circles, but I like being me, so I wore it over some brown eyeshadow and with some black mascara and it was a hit to me and my reflection. Later on I discovered blue mascara, thank you Maybelline, and paired the two together and no one could tell me that I couldn’t wear blue to any place on my curvy body!

But Blue lipstick was a stretch and a leap. Where do you usually see blue besides on denim and the ocean? Where is blue acceptable for women? Usually, not on their lips, especially if they are office or church bound. I moved slowly. Blue liner, blue nail polish, blue tights, and then a cool blue-is gray lipstick came my way and I decided to shock my mother. Besides God, she commands a fear that is both healthy and not to be messed with, so if she could get over it, then I would be fine everywhere else. Blue lipstick…I’ve arrived, 😁!

So here we are almost a year later well into our RAINBOW series and blue is up next. Now to be honest I don’t have many blue lippies, but I think I still have more options than the average lip wear lover. It also helps that Canada is closing in on Winter for which blue is a cool colour to sport (pun intended…cool? get it?!!) Let’s look at some of the Blues to wear and what I’ve found in different textures and tones.

This blue looks more shiny here than the matte it really is because it was made on-site at Mix Beauty Lab. It was a fun experience I had with some of my besties. We mixed different hues and tones until we landed on this cool grey blue. It was my very first blue lipstick and it was so much fun. I named it Boo You Blue Check them out here and plan your own time to create a lippie you don’t yet own.

Now I’ve spoken about this lippie by Estēe Lauder named Moon Rock from their Pure Color Love Lipstick line, but it begs repeating just how cool this one is. It is an iridescent lipstick that shines blue and green depending the light you’re standing under. I have it laid over another beautiful blue matte just to show it’s shine potential.

Third on our list is a beautiful matte lippie by FentyBeauty called Clapback from the Mattemoiselle line. It goes on velvety and is so deep that it will create a contrast that cannot be ignored. It’s also super affordable and makes something as simple as a parka and scarf combo way more fun.

This blue is one of my favourite lippies, period. This one was featured in the Easter colours and the Winter blog posts because it’s still that good. This Demi-matte Covergirl lippie is called Bestie Boo. It glides on easy like a satin but has just as much staying power as a regular matte. The light shade allows me to consider using it in an ombré option as well. See below and then stop by your local drug store to pick up this wonderful lippie.

Combination of FentyBeauty Clapback and Covergirl Bestie Boo.

Four very different blues…I can’t wait to get a few more…Do you know any other blues that I should try?!

Friend, I don’t know what the blues look like in your life nowadays, but I encourage you to choose to repurpose your blue. On depressing days, look to the sky and know that the God who made the blue skies, also made and loves you. On days when you feel cold inside or lonely and blue reminds you of some melancholy songs about people who call you “baby” leaving you, then please look at that blue moment and tell it that your life is valuable, necessary, and lovely, just like your lips are while decorated with any colour, even blue. YOU can wear blue and be happy. You can rejoice in the Winter like you did in the Summer. You can experience the Joy of the Lord and blue lipstick at the same time.

Choose Blue, Love. Choose life, choose joy, choose the love of God even in colours that confuse people the way joy in the midst of sorrow does in seasons of grief. You CAN wear blue in any season. Enjoy Blue and #wearitlikeyoumeanit 💋

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