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Hello Love! Temeka here. For as long as I can remember I’ve had big lips. In fact, I used to get teased about their size before big was beautiful. I remember my dentist telling me in my teenage years that he had clientele that would pay for half of my bottom lip.

The first time I heard the voice of God was in relation to my lips. As a little girl, I looked in the mirror and I remember God telling me to “try and picture yourself with smaller lips” and I couldn’t do it. From then on my own personal lip appreciation campaign started in my heart. So it’s no wonder that I enjoy dressing these blessings up and down for fun and for occasion. I’m a singer-songwriter, a teacher, a daughter, a proud sister to two giant brothers, an aunt, a woman, a loyal friend, and a lover of lipstick! Join me on my journey as I rediscover a lot of my own finds currently in my make-up drawer as we look at what makes lipstick so great! The following words are just words based on my opinions and experiences combined with a few conversations and Google searches. Please feel free to read along and do what’s best for your pout.

Post #38- roy g Biv: BLUE

What comes to mind when you see the colour Blue? Perhaps it’s the sky on a perfect cloudless summer day or the ocean waves on a tropical vacation. Maybe it’s your favourite flavour of slushy at the local corner store or a flashback picture form the 70s where blue eyeshadow was so misunderstood 😩. MaybeContinue reading “Post #38- roy g Biv: BLUE”

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