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Introducing The Lipstick Blogger!

Hello Love! Temeka here. For as long as I can remember I’ve had big lips. In fact, I used to get teased about their size before big was beautiful. I remember my dentist telling me in my teenage years that he had clientele that would pay for half of my bottom lip.

The first time I heard the voice of God was in relation to my lips. As a little girl, I looked in the mirror and I remember God telling me to “try and picture yourself with smaller lips” and I couldn’t do it. From then on my own personal lip appreciation campaign started in my heart. So it’s no wonder that I enjoy dressing these blessings up and down for fun and for occasion. I’m a singer-songwriter, a teacher, a daughter, a proud sister to two giant brothers, an aunt, a woman, a loyal friend, and a lover of lipstick! Join me on my journey as I rediscover a lot of my own finds currently in my make-up drawer as we look at what makes lipstick so great! The following words are just words based on my opinions and experiences combined with a few conversations and Google searches. Please feel free to read along and do what’s best for your pout.

Post #45- coming back ‘round

Hello Love, It’s been a while and I’ve seemed to just make it in to wish you a Happy Black History month (Black history can be celebrated every month) and to hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It’s been quite the time since I last posted here, but I’m determined to get this one…

Post #44- Guilty or Nah?

I was born early in the morning on this day, so it seems fitting that I use these early morning hours of my birthday to be useful once more and to reflect on some things. I’ve been feeling guilty of late about the good things in my life ,and even some of the good things…

Post #43-Propa Beauty Haul- Lipstick Day 2022!

Imagine my excitement when the Female and Black owned brand Propa Beauty asked me if I would like to receive their lipstick collection! I was thrilled! I loved Fighter, a deep smooth brown I picked up a while back, but the whole collection…YES PLEASE!!! Propa Beauty is a brand that just spells out classy determination…

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