Holiday Lippies are a Must! Pandemic or no pandemic, Christmas celebrations must go on, like Winter always does after Fall. We’re used to seeing all kinds of sparkle and glam for the Holiday season and as we go from Christmas to New Year celebrations, we have so many opportunities to dress up our pout. MyContinue reading “Post #10- MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Post #9- Thank You, Bourgie Cosmetique!

In the words of Ms. Jekaylyn Carr, “It’s my winning season!” “I won something” is how my Instagram post read… You see those tag someone contest all the time. I know a girl who won a whole vacation by doing this, so I often think “why not?” while expecting nothing in return…I really gotta workContinue reading “Post #9- Thank You, Bourgie Cosmetique!”

Post #8- Review by Request: ARBONNE

“Hey Temeka, do you think you could review some Arbonne lipsticks for your blog?” Imagine my surprise and wonderment when I was approached by ARBONNE Consultant and friend Kalenea Johnson to review a couple lipsticks! I was elated to think that someone wanted my lip wear opinion. Now, I know that you all like hearingContinue reading “Post #8- Review by Request: ARBONNE”

Post #6- I See Red!

Remember when red was the sinful colour and the only lipstick colour you could see everywhere at the same time? One evening I was out for dinner with two of my girlfriends and red lipstick came up in conversation. One friend had just found out that she could wear a red lip any time ofContinue reading “Post #6- I See Red!”