Post #2- Fall in Love with Colour -Autumn is here!

Fall Favourites! #WearItLikeYouMeanIt

’TIS AUTUMN! The season of Colour! What are your favourite fall colours? All of them? Me too! Hahaha! Now, of all the seasons, I do prefer Summer but Fall is a fun way to change it up with the deep rich tones Summer usually overlooks. Now, I am biased because Orange is my favourite colour anyway, but a good rust orange will get me every time. And I can’t leave out deep auburn purples and deep burgundy reds or, plum purples, and burnt browns which are some of the most fun colours to wear. It’s no wonder God uses them to dress up the earth as we prepare for Winter.

It’s a slow Fall into Winter as the temperature drops and the sun still shines but with less warmth, especially for us in North America. These colours feel like the right sweater and a snuggle when worn. It’s like Sweater Weather, but for your lips. Sometimes all I need is an eye liner and a deep rich red with my coziest sweater. In Autumn, I can be bold without being bright and I find that my lips happen to look fuller (if that’s possible) and lush as if preparing for the perfect pre-kiss pout. I decided to take my cue from the leaves already fallen for this photo op. Jilly and I headed out to a park in Toronto and enjoyed Nature presenting the perfect reminder that colour always looks good on colour. There were so many leaves still on the trees and so many covering the trails on the ground. I noticed however that the rusted yellows weren’t grouped by themselves, nor were the reds all lined in a row. If Nature can mix and match then I can too. So I dug down into the makeup drawer and pulled out my go-tos for Fall. I initially pulled 15 different colours and realized that even I was overwhelmed, so here are 7, 6 staples and 1 daring bold I bet you didn’t know you could enjoy this time of year!

Lip #1-Superstay Matte Ink in Fighter by Maybelline

This is one of my go to nudes for this time of year. It goes on easy and I find it lasts long through that lunch option as well. It is subtle enough for that eye drama you may want to wear yet bold enough for a simple mascara and lip adventure.

Lip #2- Rum Cake by NagiCosmetics

This dark brown is everything! If you want depth to your nude or drama or you choose to brighten up your day, this brown can do it all. This glides on like butter and dries quickly on the lip without drying it out. What I love is that this is probably someone’s nude but also compliments my skin as the contrast allows for any queen to reign well on any Autumn day.

Lip #3- Rust by MakeUp For Melanin Girls (MFMG)

I absolutely had to include this colour. It’s the chameleon of the bunch as it was perfect for Summer and also shows up strong for Fall. How could it not, with this rich orange, and just a hint of tangerine peeking out?! This colour lives up to its name but gives all the sexiness to lips that Rust never could.

Lip #4-Superstay Matte Ink in Globetrotter by Maybelline

Yes, this is another Superstay favourite I discovered last Autumn. Because I love orange so much, I try to find ways to wear it without alerting traffic every single time. I am aware that orange is…well, Orange. And though it is perfectly fine to garner all of the attention of an entire room from time to time, I actually would like to keep it moving on a regular basis while enjoying me. This colour is a deeper orange than the last colour mentioned and adds a little joy to my face when worn in this season. This is my Autumn orange and I’m here for it!

Lip #5- Flesh 3 by Pat McGrath

This lipstick colour was giving me life as I stood applying its red-ish burgundy goodness to my lips in the midst of the fallen leaves and evergreens. It glides on well and feels absolutely luxurious. It is a deep red with no apology. This one is good in the morning, noon or night. Wear this in the Fall or anytime you need to love on YOU. My love, I couldn’t help but pose, because I had the lip colour on to match my confidence. And though it is bold, it is deep, not bright, giving you some of the drama of a regular red (what is a regular red anyway?) but the quiet of a nude. No Boredom here, love!

Lip #6- Crown Me by The LipBar

Here is the Wildcard! The bonus! The daring bold you probably thought you couldn’t wear in the Fall. This purple is that. PURPLE! This pops even without permission, but I am not mad at it! The LipBar hit the nail on the head with this one. Why not wear purple in Autumn?! It’s fun and bold but rich and deep like any other Fall colour. However, this one is the show-stopper, the traffic-blocker, the-make-the-staring-man-fall-down lipgloss you’ve always needed. Crown Me, rightfully named, makes me feel royal. ( Check out 2 Peter 2:9 in the bible for my regal status). I hope you feel this when you wear purple too. Slay Queen!

Lip #7- Matte Satin in Cashmere by Milani

This is my most recent discovery of the bunch. I stumbled upon this brand in the drug store a couple months ago. It was one of the weirdly placed brands. Not quite in the make up section but not far away enough that you couldn’t pay for it at the make up counter. I recently had a rinse applied to my natural hair and this colour perfectly matched it. Then I added purple braids to my hair and it still compliments it. And then it became Autumn, and it perfectly welcomed the season with warmth and easy application. True to it’s name, it dries matte while feeling like a moisturizing satin lipgloss. I am loving this deep plum.

What are your Fall favourites? Plums, Orange, Burgundy? Shiny, satin or matte? I’m always looking to be schooled on all things lip wear, so please share your go-to for this season. Don’t forget to use #WearItLikeYouMeanIt when posting and tag @thelipstickblogger for a re-share.

All Pictures captured by Jilly (beautiful friend and one of the besties)

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Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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