Holiday Lippies are a Must!

Pandemic or no pandemic, Christmas celebrations must go on, like Winter always does after Fall. We’re used to seeing all kinds of sparkle and glam for the Holiday season and as we go from Christmas to New Year celebrations, we have so many opportunities to dress up our pout. My birthday falls just between the two. It’s like, Happy Birthday Jesus! Happy Birthday Temeka! Happy New Year! (More about this next week.) Just because we’re home or restricted doesn’t mean we can’t take it up a notch from our regular meal time festivity and appear to the table in full regalia! I love this week in the Winter season and one day I’ll spend it somewhere warm but since I’m Toronto-bound, let’s see what the makeup drawer has for the holidays. 

Somebody say Red! Of course, red is necessary for the holidays but how would I do it? Well, I’m sure you remember my I See Red post where I shared many of my favourite kinds of red. So here is a quick recap of one I think is perfect for that Christmas Day look or that Christmas kiss goodnight. Here I am wearing Pioneer by Maybelline Superstar Matte Ink in the production The Nativity Musical by Church on the Queensway. Thanks to my friend Aisha for capturing this. And thanks to the bestie as well, Vanessa for capturing me looking over the shoulder in the same colour. Singing while I wear it like I mean it, which is really the only way to wear red. Confidently.

I am still loving this nude combo of Libra by Juvia’s Place and FU$$Y by Fenty. With this smoky eye and all the glam from head to toe, this was just an easy yes with staying power. I am also learning that this gloss by Fenty is great alone or over any colour. It goes on smooth and does not pull the lips. It has a refreshing smell that isn’t overpowering which I appreciate since I have a very sensitive nose. Another unsuspecting nude for the Holidays is called Sandstone by L’Oréal. On my lips, this nude shimmers and glides on masking just enough of my bottom lip colour so that the lips are in harmony. It’s just glam enough for the holidays while being slightly understated for those regular day-wears. I was pleasantly surprised by this drugstore lippie that I didn’t even think I would like but it’s the Nude turn-up for the holidays.

  Have you ever considered GOLD?! Yaaasssss, Love, do it! I found this gold/copper shimmer situation by The LipBar that I just had to add to the make up drawer. It looks like Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all wrapped up in one colour. I put it on and said, “oh this is everything!” And then looked at the name of the lipstick. This is Everything by The LipBar and I should’ve known it would have been great just from the packaging. Attention to detail and presentation is always attractive just like that of food on a buffet table. This lipstick stays on in the most beautiful way. It’s a cross between a Matte and satin that lets the colour shine. It’s not glossy but its texture allows it to show off lips in the most beautiful way. And why can’t our lips look like jewels adorning our face? Well TLB made sure they can and I.👏🏽 AM.👏🏽 HERE.👏🏽 FOR. 👏🏽IT!

What about sparkle?! Do it in a gloss. What I love about a sparkly gloss, is that I can wear it alone over a nude base or on top of any colour giving that colour more pop and the sparkle more shine time. This Gold by Cheekbone Beauty has so much sparkle in it that when the gloss is gone it will still leave you shining and sparkling still. I also really love what this company stands for and is trying to do by creating healthy sustainable lip wear while giving back to Indigenous people and the environment. Win-win for me. I have it here over the remnants of Everything by The LipBar and it feels so royal in the most fun way. Just call me Queen as I wear this most beautiful combo!

Did you ever consider “not so holiday colours” for the holidays? So we know how I feel about PURPLE lips, but really have you considered purple lips for the holidays? Do It! Any shade will do. Purple is usually a cool colour so it fits right into the winter months like a hand in a glove, but it’s also great with dramatic smoky eyes or soft ones. I decided to go for a softer more pastel Purple by ColouredRaine called Bodacious. I have so much joy when I put this matte lipgloss on. I usually reserve it for the summer months because of its pop but paired with this green dress, I couldn’t resist putting it on. What a holiday must!

And of course, a natural lip with a gloss tint is always a great idea. For this, I used Milani’s Ludicrous lipgloss in She’s All That! What a name! I love getting a chance to be All that for any reason but especially during the Holiday season. Usually, there are parties, multiple dinners, and activities to attend. This year it’ll be the family and a bunch of zoom calls, but my lips will still be moisturized, hydrated, and outfitted. For anyone who can’t decide on a colour, this sheer tint in a gloss making your natural pout pucker in just the right way is a great compromise without settling for boring. She’s All That also has just a hint of sparkle without leaving the chunks behind when you are ready for the wipe off. Even when it’s all gone, your lips will thank you. 

What are your Holiday faves or go-to’s? Are you worried about what will make it through dinner or are you only concerned with having that statement lippie? Let me know some of your must-have holiday colours by following me on the gram @thelipstickblogger and tagging me your faves. Wherever you’re spending the holidays, I pray that Jesus, the reason for the season keeps you and your loved ones safe as you celebrate, however you do that this year. We made it to the end, baby! many didn’t but we did, and for that, we gratefully wear our lipsticks, glosses, and balms as we give thanks. Merry Christmas, Love and Happy Holidays! #WearItLikeYouMeanIt

Published by Temeka W.

Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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