Post #26- Black Owned Still (Part 3)

Let the education continue! If you’ve been reading along for this long, then you are familiar with my quest to find more Black Owned Cosmetic companies that make quality products for all shades. Now let me add the disclaimer that I have not found all of the Black Owned brands out there and I am still learning. This post is about the few that I have come across and my experiences with them. I am also happy to report that a few of these are also local and come in pigments that may be different than your average selection. And just because this is my blog about the lippies I’ve acquired, there will also be some new additions from some of our favourite Black Owned brands as well.

Here is the list: Secrets by Danika, Pop of Love, Pat McGrath Labs, FentyBeauty, JayWalk Beauty. A few of these are up and coming and a few have been on the scene and made strides in the industry for quite some time.

Secrets by Danika was suggested to me right after I wrote part 2 of this Black Owned series. It is not only Black Owned, it is also female run and from the Greater Toronto Area. This brand does not have a lot of colours but they are careful to offer highly pigmented shades that are matte and gloss finishes. I chose the matte liquid lipstick in Velvet Touch. It does provide a consistency that is somewhere between velvet and a chalky finish. Once it was dry, I was very happy with the colour. Perfect for Spring time as well. You can check out the product here through their Shopify website.

Pop of Love Beauty is not just a lipstick brand, they also sell body oils, scrubs, and Home collection candles as well as lip wear. I chose a colour I know will be perfect for the Summer and will pop anytime of year. Sweet Talk is a bright bubble gum pink and it goes on with a chalky feeling but dries matte and bright. Pop of Love Beauty is also local to the GTA and can be purchased online and I believe internationally.

I think we all know by now that I love all things Pat McGrath Labs, but she really never ceases to amaze me. Every product is mind blowing and yet well thought out. This amazing superstar created this brand just 6 years ago even though she became the name synonymous with Vogue Paris and Milan beauty looks decades before. It’s hard to believe that such beautiful product is still young since it comes with such maturity and depth, but after working in the industry for more than two decades, I can confidently say she knows what she’s doing and she makes this fellow Black woman born to Jamaican parents very proud! Black owned, Female owned, luxurious, it’s no wonder that this brand is often referred to as The Mothership. My newest crush from this brand is from the Lust Gloss lipgloss collection in Secret Lover. It’s shiny without being oily and it’s berry shade compliments my skin and probably would for any skin tone. It is well pigmented and appears as though I have placed a light shiny gloss over a lipstick, but no, it’s all one product. I am here 👏🏽for👏🏽 it👏🏽!

I have to admit…I like Rihanna’s makeup more than her music…don’t judge me! This FentyBeauty brand is winning on all accounts if you ask me. Every colour seems to glide on and smell great but not in an over-powering way. Before gloss came back into my life for real, Fenty helped lead me back to quality product with the gloss bomb collection and now the fabulous Cream glosses that are pigmented and hydrating. I wear them alone or on top of any shade of lipstick. I’m still collecting a few more colours but currently the colour Mauve Wive$ can do no harm. This colour goes with every outfit and is either a nude or a pop by itself or as a topper. Simply magical! See for yourself.

Last but certainly not least in my find is a very new company called JayWalk Beauty that I happened to come across on instagram. (Every so often I’ll go to the search bar and type the hashtag #blackownedcosmetics and see what I come up with.) They had really pigmented colours and REALLY inexpensive prices. So right away I bought three liquid lipsticks that all dry to a matte chalky finish for that ultimate pop. They call themselves JayWalk because you could stop traffic while wearing their colours, Haha! Just the way we like it. I own the colours Madam (a berry red), I’m Rich (a cobalt blue), and Twirl (a bright tangerine orange pictured below) all from their Petty Paint collection. I’m excited to add to the Colours that Scare My Mother post with the blue especially! Check them out here. Even with shipping this was an easy buy!

Now to be fair there are SOOOOOO many other Black Owned brands out there that I am still looking out for. Unfortunately, some of these brands do not ship to Canada, but I’m waiting for them or in the midst of contacting American family members to help me out, I am très excited about the Black Owned parts of the Beauty industry that are not just fulfilling a need, but are proving the necessity of Black contribution to the world. I can’t wait to try out Danessa Myricks, Mented, Beauty Bakerie and Purim, just to name a few because a win for any of these is a win for all beautiful lip-wear-wearing-faces everywhere. And just because I’m writing the post doesn’t mean I know it all. It might be the educator in me or the student that lives in my heart, but I am always ready to be schooled in this area, so please hit me up on the gram (@thelipstickblogger) or follow me here and leave a comment. Colour on Colour is just so much fun to me and thanks to many Black Owned companies, we are now wearing colour like we mean it. I’m off to build up the Black Owned side of the makeup drawer. 💋 #wearitlikeyoumeanit #SupportBlackOwned

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Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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