Post #28- roY g biv: YELLOW

When you think of the colour yellow, what comes to mind? Is it that smiley face emoji 😃or that banana you had with your breakfast? Perhaps it’s the sunshine on a beach or the lemons you use to make lemonade? Could it be that character Joy from the Pixar movie Inside Out or your favourite shade of gold? Maybe yellow is code for a Summer evening party or the breaking of dawn? For me, it’s all of the above. I was surprised when I sought out to find yellow lippies at the amount of yellow already stapled to my life. I crave yellow and enjoy it, so adding yellow lip wear to the mix, was a delight to say the least. Finding yellow lip wear…well, that was something else.

I saw a poster on the store front of the PabaCosmetics store here in Toronto this past Summer with a beautiful black woman sporting a huge afro, amazing lashes, beautiful skin, and the perfect shade of yellow lipstick and I instantly said, that’s going to be my lips someday soon. But let’s be real, yellow isn’t one of the ‘normal’ colours you’ll have in your go-to make up bag. And this one isn’t even a cultural thing, it’s just not a first pick for many women. Yellow scares people even though it also brings them so much joy on a regular basis. I have four best friends and each one in the way that is unique to each of them voiced their shock, concern, amusement, bewilderment, or intrigue at me even purchasing yellow lippies, never mind actually wearing yellow. It was an amusing experience for me especially because I know they love me no matter which shade my lips are dressed in. haha! When we really think about it, yellow isn’t any better than red or your nude, nor is it less so. Someone somewhere voted that yellow was just the norm while reds and browns have always been our staple pieces. I remember not too long ago when people would stare at my purple choices too and not plums seem to be accepted in spaces they were once considered to be weird or even inappropriate. Do I dare dream the same plight for the beautiful colour yellow?!

I decided to not just showcase the two lippies I found, but to also show how YELLOW, bright or mellow, can be added to your everyday looks just to lighten or brighten your already beautiful lip choice. As with every shade I suggest or showcase, confidence is the real accessory. Even a nude colour or your everyday pink shade can falter if you don’t believe you deserve to dress your pout with that shade. Honey, wear it like you mean it and mean it when you do!

I found three yellow lippies and they are very different. I had Citron by NYX Cosmetics shipped to a drug store where I had to pick it up because it isn’t a normal colour and the store wouldn’t carry a single one for me. Not a problem, I picked it up. Citron is a creamy lemon lipstick that requires a firm moisturized but not too glossy lip to carry its shine. I love it.

After trying it on, I decided to also use it as the light shade for an ombre effect. I chose my newly acquired Ultimatte lipsticks from Maybelline in the shades More Truffle and More Scarlett for my bases. I loved the combination so much and was a little sad to remove it each time during the shoot. So pretty and the combination of yellow on top of a darker base made both the yellow and the base less intimidating. I can see many lip wear lovers making yellow a regular part of their lippie routine if used this way.

I ordered Sika from PabaCosmetics and couldn’t wait to try this yellow-ish hippie on. It was more of a gold/champagne colour which depending on your skin tone and natural lip colour may come across as a satin nude. This kind of yellow is a good idea for those who are timid about yellow or who may want some brightening without the attention a yellow hippie will bring. I mixed it with Everything by The LipBar for a more pronounced effect for this yellow gold moment. Still beautiful while being subtle.

Also see my monochromatic yellow look from the Easter colours post. Everything by The LipBar popped a little differently here paired with the gold yellow outfit.

The last Yellow hippie I found came from ColouredRaine in the shade Honey Mustard. I just knew ColouredRaine would not disappoint. This liquid lipstick is everything yellow that I had in mind. When I saw that poster or whenever I imagined what yellow on me would look like, I knew it would be just what this brand provided. I love it so much. It made my teeth look whiter, it glided on and dried beautifully and provided a matte full coverage moment I did not want to end. So naturally I grabbed my yellow jumpsuit, Thank you RestoreLounge, and my huge beach hat because this whole look is what happiness feels like.

And just like I did with the NYX lipstick, I wanted to see what it would be like to have the ombre effect with the yellow in the centre of other ColouredRaine liquid lipsticks. I selected the colours AmazingRaine and ElectricRaine for this experiment. I loved the outcome with these bright pink and Orange-red selections. The texture changed a bit as I added more layers that dried but I still loved the end result. Next time, I will start with the darker shades and then add the yellow before the liquid is completely dry. All of these lippies are long lasting so make sure you mean it when you put it on, because it will stay on.

As a bonus, I had to include some sparkle and shine. Maybe yellow is not your thing and will not be. That’s ok. From time to time a little sparkle with yellow undertones or yellow gold sparkle can be added to your natural lip or as a topper to any colour base. I chose a shimmery lipgloss and added a combination of Cheekbone‘s gold sparkle and some of ColouredRaine‘s gold sparkle gloss as a topper as well. Loved it as the final accessory to my shirt from my single, designed by WellVersed Apparel (merchandise coming soon) and my lips coordinated with the gold there without overpowering the look.

YELLOW! people, Yellow. I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new or subtle or daring or even yellow. Mostly I hope you find that pineapple, sunshine-on-the-beach kind of joy and that you realize you were beautiful all along. I pray you choose hope and joy and even a little yellow. Whichever you choose #wearitlikeyoumeanit.

Published by Temeka W.

Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

One thought on “Post #28- roY g biv: YELLOW

  1. The Yellow lipstick looks so cool ! I love the other lipsticks as well but the yellow one reminds me of an anime I’m watching .One of the characters has yellow lipstick and eyeshadow.


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