Post #30- Staples: What’s in Your Purse?

I am unashamedly very girly! I have beauty products, accessories, options, types, shades, colours, of just about anything for me to enjoy womanhood in the most fun way. I have quite a few purses in my collection and because I’m a 2 on the Enneagram Personality Test with a 1 wing, I am prepared for just about anything or I have a little of anything someone may need based on a time they did need it and I didn’t have it. My purses tend to be bigger and oddly shaped, but even the smaller ones come stacked with pockets and hidden compartments that are just waiting for me to fill them with just-in-case-goodies. Every purse has some sort of moisturizer (travel size if necessary), a lip balm of some sort, a lip-wear choice, a compact mirror, and nowadays, a small container of hand sanitizer.

I was so surprised at the amount of lip balm I own. I know I did the Lip Care before Lip Wear post a while back (Post #18), however it pays to mention again the importance of lip care for all lips in all seasons. Clearly, even subconsciously, I believed this and had all sorts and sizes in my purses. Honey, lip balm is a staple I won’t be giving up any time soon. Lip balm is fun and can even come in different pigments. I recently came across and started using a new Female Owned Brand that has amazing moisturizing lip balms as well as fun colours. Pixie Dust by Lipcandy is vegan and hand made and provides lips with the moisture needed for everyday use with or without lip wear on top. Check them out here

I also found the staple nudes and pinks, among other colours. I think this comes from the days I had to go into the building and teach in person. In my “teacher-bag”, I had colours that would slightly change during the season that I knew would work with any eye makeup and would still add some fun to the overall look. In the Summer I would add a hot pink like Romantic from Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink collection. In fact quite a few are from this collection. In the fall I would carry around Voyager, Amazonian, Fighter. The Winter would have me frequenting Visionary quite often while I would splash on Inspirer and Self-starter from Maybelline.

In my “going-out”/ “night-on-the-town” purses, I often had the deeper jewel tones. (will we ever be able to go out again?😩) A deep red like the NARS big lip-pencil in Cruella or purple, definitely a purple with teal eyeliner, lol, like that of MAC’s Heroin or Men Love Mystery. Any look with blue undertones that are this pigmented is instantly going to move from “she looks nice” to a “WOWZA!” especially if you’re wearing it like you mean it.

Since I’ve been on this discovery of all things lip-wear, I definitely have a few new staple potentials. When this year is not entertaining a pandemic, I know nudes like Libra by Juvia’s Place and any of the creme glosses by Fenty will be an addition to my daytime looks.

Well, what’s in your purse/bag/knapsack? When’s the last time you went looking through your purse? What are your staple colours and did you manage to find any surprises in between your lippies and your compact mirror? The search could be fun. Stay prepared and be hopeful. Soon we’ll all be wearing our staples and then some again.

#Wearitlikeyoumeanit 💋

Published by Temeka W.

Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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