Post #35A: I Was Wrong…is so hard to say

Except this time I say it with Joy! Can you believe it? I was wrong. National Lipstick Day is actually today, July 29th, 2021! ๐Ÿฅฐ So let’s do it again!

Where lipstick is concerned, it’s ok to admit when we’re wrong. Now that we’ve sorted out our mishaps, which colour are you going to wear today? If you actually followed me and celebrated last week, what will you wear this week?

Come on, Love, be bold, be daring or just try something new! With the extra melanin glow we’re all experiencing at this time of year, you can’t really go wrong with your choice. Colour looks good on colour and I bet colour looks good on you!

Maybe this was just a lesson to help me admit my faults sooner and ask for forgiveness in order to receive freedom…in this case, freedom to wear more wonderful lippies. And as if the Mothership knew, I received 3 beautiful mini lipglosses in the mail just this week from Pat McGrath. They are from the Mini Lust : Gloss collection in the shades Dare to Bare, Divine Rose, and Pale Fire Nectar. And got my first Dior lip balm in 007 RASPBERRY from the Lip Glow collection with some amazing samples, thank you Nancy, at TheBay.Even the names sound like forgiveness and permission.

My lips will adorn something beautiful tomorrow even under my mask. Enjoy the real NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAY!!! and whatever you choose to put on your pout don’t forget to #wearitlikeyoumeanit ๐Ÿ’‹

Published by Temeka W.

Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If sheโ€™s not teaching ESL, sheโ€™s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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