Post #20-Black History…still! Plans and then some…

Last week’s post included moments of Black Joy and with Black History just two days behind us and the on-going celebration of the contributions of past and current people within the Black community, I thought I’d start this post with a list of Black contributors to my lipstick collection. I’ve learned quite a bit, and yes I know you’re thinking, “Temeka, isn’t this supposed to go on the list for The Black Owned Part 3 post?” and My answer to that is ‘Love, stay tuned and hold tight’, I’m building that list slowly and surely. Firstly, here is the current list you too can also frequent. I know you’ll enjoy them too. In no particular order.

Black Owned List

PAT McGRATH, FentyBeauty, PabaCosmetics, Juvia’s Place, ColouredRaine, Secrets by Danika Battieste, Bourgie Cosmetics, Pop of Love Beauty, Nagi Cosmetics, Black Up, The LipBar, MFMG (MakeUp For Melanin Girls)

As you can see, I sooooo need to add to this list, so school me and share some of your favourite Black Owned Lippy Creators with me please. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

PLANS! and then some…

Well I’m excited for the next couple of posts. I will be conducting a couple of experiments for a short series called Will It Last? and I can’t wait to show you. Because we seemed to be stuck in this pandemic world, I think it will be beneficial to have the mask-talk🙄…we will be alright (just keep saying this to yourself. We’re going to be alright, we’re going to be alright…). And if you’re like me, you’ve put on and taken off the pounds more times that you’ve changed out of your lounge clothing. I’ve been cooking, baking, ordering in, snacking, and trying to drink way more water than ever so I’ve also counted all of the tiles in my bathroom too since I’m so acquainted with it…being healthy and hydrated is a whole job in itself😫. So it’s also time we brought lipstick into the equation. And just because we’re in pyjama bottoms for all of those virtual calls, that doesn’t mean we’re not dressing up our pouts and video time gives us an opportunity to use everything in our makeup drawers or bags, or whatever you store your goodies in or at least try to act like you still get to dress up for…something. Will It Last part 2 will let me eat and show you what works and what doesn’t.

And lastly, don’t forget to follow me here for the Colours of the Season- Spring. I cannot wait for Spring and maybe because it means patios could be a thing again and warmer weather means I can stay outside without the faux fur hood and thick boots and maybe I can see people in person and wear amazing lipstick…just maybe. And even though I really miss the heat of the sunshine, you can miss me with the bugs. It’s the brightness and the anticipation of Summer that I’m really excited about.

Yes this was a shorter post, but I wanted to keep it real while keeping you the loop. It’s an in between week and I wanted to finish up the work needed to report back to you, my loves. Any who, I’ll see you right back here next Tuesday. Tell everyone you know and don’t forget to share your Black Owned list with me too. I doubt that I know it all. I’ll see you on the gram @thelipstickblogger you can DM or tag me there or follow me here. Don’t forget to #wearitlikeyoumeanit and mean it when you do.💋

Post #19- Moments of Black Joy and Lipstick!

February has a lot going on; Valentine’s Day, a bunch of Film festivals, and it’s Black History Month. A month to celebrate all the beauty of the Black Community at large whether that be through music or visual art or recognition of past and on-going activism. And while there is a plethora of historic figures we frequent at this time, there is also current moments of Blackness to celebrate.

In 2020, there were so many moments of trauma and hurt and misconduct towards the Black community worldwide, especially after the viewings and knowledge of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and even Regis Korchinski-Paquet in our own backyard, and many many…too many others. After tears, stress, moments in therapy that are still in process, my family and I decided to smile and enjoy us. It wasn’t an official meeting kind of decision, it was just us knowing we needed to smile again…or still…despite the continual barrage of negativity…so we smiled.

We continued with our walks, walks we took on the weekends after church when the sun was shining. We started them in the Spring soon after the first lockdown and they became a moment of solace for us and family connection. We headed down to the river to rediscover our own neighbourhood. We found beautiful moments of sunshine and flowers and creep-crawly bugs we didn’t know existed near our street. Ha! Imagine that!

We took pictures of ourselves and the deer we happened upon and let our melanin shine in the midst of pain, because God is still good and because our Blackness needed no apology, rather it was cause to celebrate. And yes we were just going to the Humber River surrounded by lush foliage, but Baby, any outing in the midst of a pandemic riddled with stress and trauma, is time for lipstick.

I encourage you to consider your moments of lip wear as celebration for the wonderful form of your body, the celebration of life, and the encouragement of joyful-on-purpose-FUN! These moments of joy did not stop because Summer ended and Winter came, nor should it stop when February leaves us and becomes March. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and worthy of love and celebration. Your lips deserve to wear that colour, you know, the one that you think is too bold or too red or something for you, wear that one! #WEARITLIKEYOUMEANIT.

Black History Month is intentionally celebrated during the month of February, but we can intentionally celebrate Black contributions all year-round. I do it by learning about Black Owned businesses and mentioning at least one lippy per post that comes from such a place. I do it by learning about my Black Culture here in Canada and the one from my Jamaican parents and those of my friends…no, we’re not all the same! We can celebrate and stand up against injustices especially when we spend our hard earned dollars and choose to support companies and initiatives that build up and celebrate how far we’ve come as a people group and as citizens of the world.

Below are moments of Black Joy I got to experience with my family, with loved ones, in the sunshine, in the city, in the forests, all while wearing great lippies. Some matte, some shiny, some transparent, all necessary! I pray they make you smile in the midst of your version of this current life we lead. I pray you learn about different aspects of Black History this year… all year. I hope you enjoy the notion that you and I will make history one day and that we might be the subject of study for future generations. My Love, Enjoy my version (and everyone else’s version) of Black Joy! xoxo!

Post #18- Lip Care before Lip-wear!

8:00 AM-wake up and stretch

8:05 -go to bathroom to empty bladder, wash face, brush teeth

8:10 -go back to room to moisturize face, set eyebrows in gel, choose lip care for the day and apply it LIBERALLY!

8:13- get dressed

8:16- scarf down breakfast!

8:45- apply eyebrows and a light face, reapply lip care if needed

8:58- put on lip wear choice and #wearitlikeyoumeanit

9:00- Welcome to Zoom School (…again)


10:45PM- brush teeth, shower, wash face

11:15- apply night cream and serums to face, apply a generous amount of lip care!

What is your go-to lip care of choice? Is it the same in the evening as it is in the morning? What is your favourite brand and how much do you apply? How often do you apply?

Well, just in case you thought this wasn’t a big deal, or if you were wondering what you should be using, especially in this Winter season, OR maybe you just want to try something new, here is my list of lip care, mostly inexpensive, that I think would really help you and my reasons for them. Most of these can be found at your local drugstore or even on Amazon as add-ons because they’re so affordable.

I’ll start with my basics, the kind people don’t usually talk about but are pretty common during the Winter months and especially in February.

Good ole’ Vaseline Lip Therapy. If you come from a home like mine, you know all about the multiple uses of vaseline for your whole body and even your boots…, but in recent years I came across the little personalized tin versions of the Lip Therapy options. My favourites are the Aloe and the Gold Dust options. They come in many scents and offer a lot of moisture that I find moisturizing throughout the night without being sticky in the morning nor does it leave that weird white line composed of product and saliva. Lips are supple in the morning and who doesn’t want that?! This one retails online and in stores for about $3.

For my morning routine, I usually go with this one as soon as I’ve finished brushing my teeth. It’s medicated which some may find harsh, but I find with some stick-to-it-tiveness and a generous amount applied, lips tend to receive the medicated goodness of Blistex’s Lip Conditioner. I like to use the ones in the pink or white container. For some reason I find the ones in pots you have to dig into are a little more potent than the sticks, but really both do the same job. The stick is probably more sanitary, but since you’re probably not sharing your lip meds, it’s fine. I prefer these two options because they also offer SPF which is important all year round and not just in the summer and they are infused with cocoa butter. If you’ve got skin then you need SPF. As mentioned previously, I have two-toned lips with two different textures, so it’s important for me to wear sunscreen on my lips so that I always know what my base colours are. Blistex Lip Conditioner helps with that. It also absorbs quickly enough that the oils and moisturizer don’t interfere with my lip colour of choice that day while still leaving me moisturized.

This next one is by Bite Beauty Lab. Bite Beauty Lab is one of the only places, in my opinion, that says vegan and made with stuff you can eat and it actually feels and tastes that way. (Don’t eat product off of your lips, but I guess if you’re going to lick them occasionally, you might as well enjoy the flavour as well as the texture. This Day-time only lip balm is made with Agave Nectar, Mongongo Oil, and Cocoa Butter. There’s so much Vitamin E that you can actually feel your lips being repaired or soothed. It comes in a sheer finish which is perfect if you need lip balm under your lip wear choice. This retails on the Bite Beauty Lab site for $16. Win Win!

Also pictured here is the Scrub for damaged lips or to just exfoliate.

One day I was going for a walk in my super grocery store and happened upon that section that is a cross between skin care, pharmacy, baby wipes, and make up. There was a display set up with a company’s goodies I hadn’t heard of before. Lique Cosmetics, (pronounced Lick) had me intrigued. I stood there and googled them in the store as other customers milled about around me. This company is by Women and for Women, so naturally I’m for them! They use vegan products to provide women with natural options and fun ones too at affordable prices. Yes, you should check them out and do your own google search and then buy your own, because this tea is the only thing I’m spilling. I picked up their Coral shade of lip balm in Fabulous. But you don’t have to stop there (I haven’t), because they have everything from lip scrubs to beautifully named lip wear in all sorts of textures. Oh and they’re products are so vegan and cruelty-free, you can lick your lips and eat that scrub right off of your pout when you’re done.

Now I’ve already shared my feelings about Juvia’s Place and the wonderful product they provide, but I hadn’t tried their lip care products until the Christmas season. There was a sale and a sale is always a great opportunity to learn…and shop, lol! I bought a lip balm in the flavour and colour Passion Fruit. It has a light tint and is so moisturizing. It boasts the use of Mango and Shea butters along with other ingredients to keep lips hydrated and moisturized. It comes in two other options as well and it’s sleek design is perfect for any purse or pocket should you happen to be on the go.

NARS is a beautiful addition to any part of your personal make up routine, but lip care too?! I had no idea until I placed an order with Sephora for something and got to open the package to find my birthday present option in there. I love when stores celebrate their customers. I received a decent sample size in their lip balm Laguna which is tinted a light brown with sparse gold sparkles for just that hint of brilliance. This one is great if your lip wear choice for the day is your balm. Reapplying it is easy and your lips will thank you every time. And because there would have been a NARS price tag attached, I’m glad I got to try it for free first. But knowing myself and my love of nice lip-related things, I will probably own the full size very soon.

Last but certainly not least, is this beautiful trio of lip care from E.L.F. Cosmetics. I have to admit that at first I didn’t always take E.L.F seriously because they are soooooo affordable. I owned a few pieces and a couple brushes but nothing I would’ve written home about. But E.L.F. decided to advertise these beauties whilst I was scrolling on the gram and then I came across one of my favourite beauty influencers using it in her videos.I just wanted to know one way or another if it was worth my time. I bought the set of Ride or Die Lip Balm in the colours Tough Cookie, PSL, and Boss Berry. I was wonderfully surprised when they finally arrived in the mail. They are well pigmented and double very well as a lip wear choice while they also provide moisture and hydration to lips in and out of the cold weather. I couldn’t help myself but take these pictures. All of the pigments compliment the wearer because they are still sheer while they also offer a weird kind of full coverage that sheer things don’t usually do. I’m hooked!

I know you’re probably wondering after having read all of my lip care choices as to why I have so many just for lip care. Remember all of those pockets and purses I told you about?! Well, it’s good to be prepared no matter where you’re going and what outfit you’re rocking. An outfit with dry lips is just a messy sad situation. In Toronto, we get winds and wind gusts that will dry skin without permission and faster than you can measure. In the Summer, we get lovely heat and sun exposure that will burn you without a second thought. It is important to give our lips a fighting chance while they boast our beauty. Cracked lips are not kissable and bloody lips aren’t cute, so love on your lips. Get 10 of the same one or explore like I do, but before you select your favourite colour, hydrate, protect, and moisturize your lips. You officially have no excuse. (You’re welcome! )

Tell me what some of your favourite lip wear choices are or if you use something entirely different. Meet me on the gram @thelipstickblogger or send me a note here. Until next time, whatever lip care you choose #WearItLikeYouMeanIt.

Post #17- Valentine’s Day! Reds and Pinks and then some!

Valentine’s Day is one of those weird holidays, aesthetically speaking. It’s a collection of colours that kind of sorta want to clash but have been excused for a day of love. I also think if we look back to before this holiday became so commercialized, we’ll know that there wasn’t as much lipstick being worn. How sad! We’ll also note that St.Valentine was more concerned with providing a service to young couples wanting to profess their love even though it went against the orders of those in charge back in the day.

Love is a God-given gift that should be celebrated in all its forms, between Parents and children, friends, between spouses, and between lippies and lips. I also want you to know that no matter who you are and who you’re spending this holiday with, or whom you’re not spending it with, that YOU are worthy of love and being loved, from head to toe, from my lips to your heart! That being said, let’s see what kinds of reds and pinks and maybe some randoms in my lip collection are worthy of the Valentine’s day choice and let’s see if it will last through dinner and a kiss!

Juvia’s Place recently came out with a Reds and Rubies collection of mattes and satins and sheer lip wear. I was able to receive a portion of it and I have been waiting to share them with you. I’m going to list them and share some of them visually. I managed to acquire two transparent glosses, three lipglosses, one matte lipgloss, and one lipstick! This collection features what may be my favourite red to date in the matte liquid lipgloss. As it dries, the hue of red deepens and becomes a beautiful velvet full lip. It’s mind-blowing! 🤯 This collection also features berries in the plum spectrum of colour. And we are here for it. The one lipstick (not pictured on lips) is called So Red and it appears to have a subtle yellow-orange undertone that would have me believe this could have been named something like So Fire😉. And since I mentioned orange, I think I’ll include one of those too. But first, check out these lovely reds and berries from Juvia’s Place.

(Colours pictured below are: Sweet Beets, Ruby Rose, Cherry Love, Cultured, and Red Velvet)

The lipstick pictured below is So Red by Juvia’s Place.

We can’t go on without of course mentioning the pinks that we can wear this upcoming weekend whether or not we’re kissing anyone. Two of these pinks are quickly becoming favourites and have been mentioned here in the world of Temeka’s Lipstick adventures. The first one is Wild Orchid by Revlon and it was given to me as a gift, if you remember. It has a beautiful iridescent purple undertone to it, that makes the almost blue version of Pink so much fun to wear. It’s a satin finish that glides on all day and is pigmented so well you’ll have some of this colour or residue of its goodness all night long! At drugstore prices, this is one you can do…You’re welcome!

My second Pink choice is my birthday choice favourite. It is the fabulous YSL 52 from the Rouge pur Couture collection. It is a peachy bright pink with cream satin for its finish and it also lasts. It seems to dry underneath giving itself its own base allowing this good satin on top to pop!

Next up is one that made it into my make up drawer courtesy of Arbonne and Kalenéa Johnson. (go to post #8 for my in-depth thoughts on this lipstick). Peony from the Smoothed Over Lipstick collection become quite the teacher staple for me in the mornings. It goes on easily and is unapologetic about its Pink-ness without being anywhere near the Hot Pink side of the rainbow.

The next two have are amazing, not just because of their packaging, which is so lovely, but also because of their texture and wearability…(I think I just made up a word…). Fuchsia Perfect 073 from the BlitzTrance collection Pat McGrath Labs has created is all things fabulous! It is a bubble gum pink with sparkles of all colours in it and shimmer which I can feel indicually but not in a way that is annoying. And no these are not the sparkles we used in Kindergarten where stuff got everywhere and we had to shake off the excess. This is a refined version of a pink treasure chest for lips. If you follow me on the gram , you saw my reveal of this colour and heard my gasp as I revealed the swatch on my hand. Just wow! The other showstopper is a Sheer satin lipstick by Lâncome called Impertinente. And even though we are anything but impertinent, this colour isn’t subtle and doesn’t really follow the rules of a sheer satin. It’s see through and yet acts like it’s full coverage. It looks purple as a stick and goes on with pink proudly announcing luxury for lips.

I had to end the pink section with a shimmery beautiful lipgloss by Pat McGrath Labs’ Naked Rose from the OpuLust collection. It is the fabulous compromise for those who are not ready to commit to pink and still want to be all things fabulous. I wish it translated the way I wanted into in the picture, but it is really a pink version of golden orange that pops because of it’s sparkly shimmer. the applicator is also a dream when working the product on your lips no matter what their size.

As for the random lip wear I think should be in the running for your Valentine’s Day options, I would like to present to you Orange…Yes Orange in any hue. I’ve recently fallen in love with Laugh Louder by Maybelline in their Superstay Matte Ink Crayon. It is one of the only Oranges I’ve ever worn that works in the winter months without highlighting my lack-of-sun-yellow-skin. Usually orange glistens in the midst of bronzy skin kissed by the summer sun. This colour gives me the best of both worlds as it’s red tones allow for a little more Winter Colour manipulation. This will also last through your Valentine’s Day chocolates and most of your dinner, so win-win!

Now I understand that we’re in the middle of this Pandemic thing, but I need you to choose YOU. Your lips can be beautiful and your pout kissable even at home. When you get dressed up this Valentine’s Day and have plans for the kids’ nap time or after their bed time, instead of fussing about your shoe choices, look over your own lip collection and apply liberally. Let’s not let the opportunity to enjoy love and colour pass us by. And if you’re single (like most of us are. and how do we meet anyone in a pandemic anyway?!), then dress up the lips for you too. Your reflection is the first place you’ll see you smile. I hope my list will help with your decisions or maybe inspire you to start a new trend and go for a colour not related to pink and red, maybe you’ll go for blue or a reverse black and red ombre situation. Whatever you wear, #WearItLikeYoumeanIt and Mean it when you do, because you deserve it. Single, Married, Alone, Busy, Bored, Child, Parent, Young and or Seasoned in Life; happy Valentine’s Day to you from The Lipstick Blogger. Enjoy!!!

Follow me on the gram @thelipstickblogger or here for more wonderful lip wear content. I’m sure there’s something for every pout What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day?!

Post #16- Matte, Satin, & Shine. Let’s talk about texture!

If you’ve been reading and watching for any length of time in this Lipstick quest of mine, then you would know that I love a good stay-in-place-matte lip. You would also know that I am broadening my sights and setting them once again on gloss and satin finishes.

In the last couple of years, a couple gloss liquid lipsticks have made their way into my makeup drawer and I would use them as toppers for a matte look or keep them for that “as-moisturizer-only” occasion. Within the last few months, more and more transparent and sheer glosses have made their home into my everyday lip-wear decision moment. Thanks to more cosmetic companies giving us more than just oil and greasy looking shine, I look forward to that part of every day. 

Now I must be honest, because I did a quick at-home shoot for this, (because aren’t we all at home anyway?) and because I know I have a pretty good collection of matte pictures with which to choose from. I shot the glosses! Can you believe it?! Ahh!!! It was soooooo much fun and a little easier than shooting 10-15 mattes since glosses are easier to remove. Some of my picks include luxury brands and Black owned brands, which is also sometimes the same thing (and really, these Black owned brands are killing it so much out here in these lipstick streets that I will have to include an aspect of glorious Blackness in every post). 

I think the only way to make this easier is if I choose a colour and then comment on the brands’ differences between textures. For example, a nude in a gloss, a satin, and or a matte finish to show the contrast between the lip-wear and the effect it has on the lip, whether that be depth or volume or even the appearance of hydration.

First up, are two from the same company that will be reappearing. Juvia’s Place is a Black Owned company with bright pigmented affordable makeup and their lip wear does not disappoint. I have pictured below a beautiful matte named Red Velvet that looks every bit of red as a lip could look and is so satisfying to watching as it dries to it’s final presentation of red goodness. It goes on easily and is full coverage without being drying.Lips can still be rubbed together gently, but will not chafe. I also have pictured here a sheer gloss with a hint of red tint named Ruby Rose. Now this gloss reminded me of my school age days when I would sit bored in French class with a roller top gloss applicator and keep on rolling onto my lips until they were slick enough to slide off of. But unlike those oily days, this shine is achieved with minimal effort and also works well as a gentle topcoat for this matte or any other. While taking this off I noticed the softness of my lips and the feel of supple lips which isn’t always the feeling one will get especially when taking off a matte colour.

I couldn’t not include a purple plum something. As we also know (wow this has been great review of my life!), I believe PURPLE looks great as makeup and soooooo good on lips. I especially love when colour wears colour. It only takes a little confidence. That being said I am looking at The LipBar‘s Crown Me liquid lipgloss in a matte finish, the satin Violetta by MAC and just because they called it She’s Royal, I’m adding Juvia’s Place’s transparent lipgloss into the mix. The LipBar can do no wrong to me when it comes to their lip wear. This matte colour goes on easy and dries quickly and lasts through most food choices. It feels secure, like it’s dry and hugging your lips but not tearing them away with cracks like one that may be too drying. Violetta made an appearance in a recent post of mine, (so check that out too☺️) but it is a very pigmented purple with pink undertones that glides on easily as all Satins should but is tinted enough to have your lips covered all day at least with bright colour. Like Ruby Rose, She’s Royal is sheer and tinted with a little more than a hint of plum and would look beautiful on top of a matte or a semi-matte colour for that plumping effect without the extra acids and chemicals my lips so obviously don’t need.

I had to include Pink once I got my hands on Pat McGrath‘s BlitzTrance lipstick named Fuchsia Perfection. And isn’t it perfect though. This is bubble gum pink is all of the best parts of sparkle and shine poured into a satin finish with enough pigment to last and a velvety feel. And just in case you eat all of your lipstick off in some sandwich or other food choice, The Mothership has figured out how to leave pigmented sparkles on your lips so that your pout is still dressed! Come On, Somebody!!! I decided to pair this with one I mentioned a couple times in my first few posts. ColouredRaine is also becoming one of my favourites in all aspects of makeup, but they have definitely won my affections when it comes to lip-wear and bold pigmented options. Amazing Raine seemed like it was up for the challenge. It goes on so easy and looks as if it will dry in a chalky sort of way, but it’s this baby pastel pink that pops and gives full coverage all day long. I love it for Summer time (How I miss that summer glow😩) or just anytime really.

We have to mention nudes. The perfect agreement between anatomical lip colour and blend of lip wear choices. With a two-toned canvas like mine, I still like to observe how glosses will offer the coverage or enhance the look of both of my lips while being transparent or in a satin finish. This one did not disappoint. I have been waiting to try out FentyBeauty‘s Creme Gloss Bomb in Cookie Jar and the Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow for sometime. I had no idea what to expect especially with the cremes, but I had had such a great experience with FU$$Y in the original Gloss Bombs that I decided to give it a try. Both go on with a feeling of expensive moisturizer and smell wonderful, but not too much so as not to overpower the senses (I’m smell sensitive and smelling too good is actually a thing). I’m also surprised at how both the cremes and more transparent ones last quite a while. I have yet to see a gloss cover both colour of my lips and yet remain transparent. I’m hooked! For the comparison, I’ll look at a nude matte I frequent a lot, Superstar matte Ink in Fighter by Maybelline. This one will last all day and is thick and pigmented enough to completely cover it all. As long as I don’t get carried away and add too many layers, it won’t crack or peel and will feel moist without the movement of a regular gloss. All good things especially if you’re going from day activities to night time ones without much time in between.

To end this post, I think I’ll just show you what I’ve been discovering. Pat McGrath Labs has created some genius level science project with the following lipglosses. They sparkle and are metallic with iridescence and make me feel like I’m a Queen while simultaneously being a super-shero from something animated. The transfer from applicator to pout is unreal. They feel just as velvety as the lipsticks offered by The Mothership but with a little more slip and I could not wait to wear these somewhere, so why not to the Zoom call?! What are they? I’m glad you asked…My love, please meet from the mini OpuLust Gloss collection, Naked Rose, Lavendering, and Dreamscape. 🤩

Thanks for coming along on this particular journey with me. I’m so glad I’ve opened up to gloss once again. Look at all I would’ve missed out on. There are so many to comment on but I think I’ll end there for now. Don’t forge to check meow on the gram and let me know your go-to’s in each category. What texture do you prefer? See you soon. Don’t forget that you and your pout are wonderfully made, so whether you choose to shine or wear full coverage colour, #wearitlikeYoumeanit and mean it when you do! 💋

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