Post #29- Colours That Scare My Mother Part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve shocked my mother with bold lip choices. She has come to expect the unexpected from my lips. She knows and is in the process of accepting that these lips are not like many others out there. Thank God! That being said I don’t know if there will be a part three to this series since I’ve already scared her with these ones, but my dad…hmmm, there may be something there. While my mother’s tongue is quick, my dad’s reactions were priceless and usually included some sort of facial expression that words would fail to explain. It was hilarious every single time. (see a reminder from the last set of scares)

I chose some combinations and some lippies I’ve never mentioned before along with a colour that will soon get it’s own feature here. It was so exciting for me. Yellows and Blues and then some. These colours come from both luxury and drugstore brands and come in shades appropriate for the seasons. If you’re like me then you’ll wear whatever makes you feel good regardless of the current season, LOL!

First up is one that we’ve seen in both the Easter colours post, but I decided to add it to another from the Winter colours post. BestieBoo by Covergirl is a Demi-matte colour, so it’s pigmented, soft, and has some staying power. It is also the perfect lightening agent for this ombre look that I paired with FentyBeauty’s Clapback from the Mattemoiselle collection. In the Winter Post, I paired it with Time’s Up by ColouredRaine which is a more Indigo colour but the blues in the combination seen below is my favourite. This one had me in my feelings. I felt beautiful! Mama thought it was “a lot of blue”. When I first came out in Bestie-boo she said, “oh me! Oh my!” and left me with that.

Last week, I introduced you to Yellow. I say introduce because I know we think of a red or a nude as a perfect lip colour and yellow as colour for household cleaner, but yellow is so helpful and adds so much to the face. Here’s a reminder of yellow in all of it’s goodness. wearing Citron by NYX and HoneyMustard by ColouredRaine. When my mother first saw my yellow lips she said, “WOW”, but in a way that shows only shock, not that I would try yellow, but that I would actually own it and wear it long enough for it to be seen and identified as yellow on my lips. My father said, “do people actually wear these things on their lips?” “Of course they do”, I answered, “that’s why I could find them and buy them”…I couldn’t tell if he was scared or disappointed, but I was having the time of my life. Haha!

While I was thinking of which colours to show my mother, I came across this amazing green by FentyBeauty called Midnight Wasabi. Now I’m adding green here because I had to try pairing it with yellow from Citron by NYX just to see. I was right, it was amazing! I felt like I was on an island just waiting for the sun to set. I walked into the hallway just as my mother was coming up the stairs. She looked at my mouth, sipped her tea and said “green eh”, with a raised eyebrow and kept it moving. My father on the other hand, held his head between his hand and shook it back and forth with eyes of bewilderment. I think I broke my parents but in different ways, LOL! Now I can’t wait for Jamaica Day or St.Patrick’s Day, either way, I’m set!

This next one was surprising. I received my first ever Estēe Lauder lipstick in Moon Rock from their Pure Love collection. It’s a highly pigmented satin lipstick with blueish-green sparkles and a dark blue background. I placed it over Clapback for effect and it added a nice irridescent finish on top. And for the first time, my mother didn’t flinch. She said, “how nice”. I’ve definitely won her over and may have to change this series to Colours That Make Daddy Wonder. Either way I’m glad to welcome this lippy to the make up drawer.

Thanks for experiencing what could have been traumatizing for me but definitely was for my parents. hahaha! It was a fun way to teach my lovely parents that I’m more than what I wear and what I wear can be fun and doesn’t take away from my seriousness or commitments. I also think we can all view colour differently and definitely outside of the contexts we were taught must box them in. Blue may look better on you than red ever could. Are YOU ok with that? It’s always the confidence for me, not arrogance, just a realization that God created you beautifully and celebrating your pout with colours inspired by other parts of his creation is and should be perfectly fine. Just give your loved ones a head’s up when you’re about to walk into the room. They’re going to notice you anyway. And then #wearitlikeyoumeanit 💋

Post #28- roY g biv: YELLOW

When you think of the colour yellow, what comes to mind? Is it that smiley face emoji 😃or that banana you had with your breakfast? Perhaps it’s the sunshine on a beach or the lemons you use to make lemonade? Could it be that character Joy from the Pixar movie Inside Out or your favourite shade of gold? Maybe yellow is code for a Summer evening party or the breaking of dawn? For me, it’s all of the above. I was surprised when I sought out to find yellow lippies at the amount of yellow already stapled to my life. I crave yellow and enjoy it, so adding yellow lip wear to the mix, was a delight to say the least. Finding yellow lip wear…well, that was something else.

I saw a poster on the store front of the PabaCosmetics store here in Toronto this past Summer with a beautiful black woman sporting a huge afro, amazing lashes, beautiful skin, and the perfect shade of yellow lipstick and I instantly said, that’s going to be my lips someday soon. But let’s be real, yellow isn’t one of the ‘normal’ colours you’ll have in your go-to make up bag. And this one isn’t even a cultural thing, it’s just not a first pick for many women. Yellow scares people even though it also brings them so much joy on a regular basis. I have four best friends and each one in the way that is unique to each of them voiced their shock, concern, amusement, bewilderment, or intrigue at me even purchasing yellow lippies, never mind actually wearing yellow. It was an amusing experience for me especially because I know they love me no matter which shade my lips are dressed in. haha! When we really think about it, yellow isn’t any better than red or your nude, nor is it less so. Someone somewhere voted that yellow was just the norm while reds and browns have always been our staple pieces. I remember not too long ago when people would stare at my purple choices too and not plums seem to be accepted in spaces they were once considered to be weird or even inappropriate. Do I dare dream the same plight for the beautiful colour yellow?!

I decided to not just showcase the two lippies I found, but to also show how YELLOW, bright or mellow, can be added to your everyday looks just to lighten or brighten your already beautiful lip choice. As with every shade I suggest or showcase, confidence is the real accessory. Even a nude colour or your everyday pink shade can falter if you don’t believe you deserve to dress your pout with that shade. Honey, wear it like you mean it and mean it when you do!

I found three yellow lippies and they are very different. I had Citron by NYX Cosmetics shipped to a drug store where I had to pick it up because it isn’t a normal colour and the store wouldn’t carry a single one for me. Not a problem, I picked it up. Citron is a creamy lemon lipstick that requires a firm moisturized but not too glossy lip to carry its shine. I love it.

After trying it on, I decided to also use it as the light shade for an ombre effect. I chose my newly acquired Ultimatte lipsticks from Maybelline in the shades More Truffle and More Scarlett for my bases. I loved the combination so much and was a little sad to remove it each time during the shoot. So pretty and the combination of yellow on top of a darker base made both the yellow and the base less intimidating. I can see many lip wear lovers making yellow a regular part of their lippie routine if used this way.

I ordered Sika from PabaCosmetics and couldn’t wait to try this yellow-ish hippie on. It was more of a gold/champagne colour which depending on your skin tone and natural lip colour may come across as a satin nude. This kind of yellow is a good idea for those who are timid about yellow or who may want some brightening without the attention a yellow hippie will bring. I mixed it with Everything by The LipBar for a more pronounced effect for this yellow gold moment. Still beautiful while being subtle.

Also see my monochromatic yellow look from the Easter colours post. Everything by The LipBar popped a little differently here paired with the gold yellow outfit.

The last Yellow hippie I found came from ColouredRaine in the shade Honey Mustard. I just knew ColouredRaine would not disappoint. This liquid lipstick is everything yellow that I had in mind. When I saw that poster or whenever I imagined what yellow on me would look like, I knew it would be just what this brand provided. I love it so much. It made my teeth look whiter, it glided on and dried beautifully and provided a matte full coverage moment I did not want to end. So naturally I grabbed my yellow jumpsuit, Thank you RestoreLounge, and my huge beach hat because this whole look is what happiness feels like.

And just like I did with the NYX lipstick, I wanted to see what it would be like to have the ombre effect with the yellow in the centre of other ColouredRaine liquid lipsticks. I selected the colours AmazingRaine and ElectricRaine for this experiment. I loved the outcome with these bright pink and Orange-red selections. The texture changed a bit as I added more layers that dried but I still loved the end result. Next time, I will start with the darker shades and then add the yellow before the liquid is completely dry. All of these lippies are long lasting so make sure you mean it when you put it on, because it will stay on.

As a bonus, I had to include some sparkle and shine. Maybe yellow is not your thing and will not be. That’s ok. From time to time a little sparkle with yellow undertones or yellow gold sparkle can be added to your natural lip or as a topper to any colour base. I chose a shimmery lipgloss and added a combination of Cheekbone‘s gold sparkle and some of ColouredRaine‘s gold sparkle gloss as a topper as well. Loved it as the final accessory to my shirt from my single, designed by WellVersed Apparel (merchandise coming soon) and my lips coordinated with the gold there without overpowering the look.

YELLOW! people, Yellow. I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new or subtle or daring or even yellow. Mostly I hope you find that pineapple, sunshine-on-the-beach kind of joy and that you realize you were beautiful all along. I pray you choose hope and joy and even a little yellow. Whichever you choose #wearitlikeyoumeanit.

Post #27- Female-Owned

Hello My Loves! I was going to write some rant about how fabulous women are and how a lot of what we have created gets claimed by men or how we have been in the industry of creating beauty products for a long time,… but Honey, you can go ahead and google that yourself! I am here to celebrate the brands that are FEMALE-owned and killing it in my humble opinion. And yes, I know Women’s day and month are in the month of March, but I have never had a problem noticing beauty in a fellow queen. Perhaps it’s because my mother and Queen raised me to give roses when we can smell them. This post will look at the contributions Female-owned brands have made to my collection. You may or may not find these in a luxury store or a drug store in Toronto, but they are all doing well and I am here to support in any way I can. I am going to make this a shorter list than some of my previous posts’ offerings. The brands listed are in no particular order and may list some repeats from other posts as well, but as Tabitha Brown would say, “that’s my business”! hahaha! Enjoy!

Let’s start with a strong powerful brand owned by a genius who ought to be respected for her contribution to both the Beauty and Fashion Runway Industries. And I’m not just starting with her because she reposted my post on the gram (scream!!!!!🤯🤩🥳), but also because my growing collection of product from her brand is just that good! The formula, the colour options, and even the deals, are worth mentioning. Lovely lip wearers, I present to you anything by the Pat McGrath of Pat McGrath Labs. #PMLablove

I came across PabaCosmetics last summer and I have been loving the consistency of their product. It’s always a hit! The ladies running the business are so kind and stand by their product which far surpasses just lip wear. The lippies I have from this company are tested for different skin types and climates as well as skin tone. They’ve done their homework and they are local to me but are running a successful international business. I had to add this one.

Can we please talk about ColouredRaine?! This brand was founded by Loraine R. Dowdy in 2013 and even though it hasn’t been around for very long, this brand is making strides in the beauty industry. And Ms. Loraine is representing for the Caribbean ladies who are doing great things. Her colour palettes and lippie textures, whether they are sticks or glosses are absolutely fabulous. I am always shocked at how good my lips can look in yet another colour when I wear anything by ColouredRaine. If you do not know this company, Baby, get your life and join me over here!

The LipBar and their wonderful creator Melissa Butler are taking the Beauty Industry by storm with all of their new wonderful useful products like liquid lipstick, lipglosses, lipsticks, and foundation with SPF. They’ve also just announced that they are in over 500 Walmart stores in the US. Come on, somebody! If you are in the States, you have been warned and have no excuse. (and I’m a little jealous 😩) What I love about this brand is how affordable it is and the luxurious quality that is applied to my lips.I also love to blend it with so many other brands for fun combinations. It is a perfect fit for any skin tone and The LipBar is very conscious of skin tones and how they wear colour. Their website features many opportunities to learn about the colour scheme that is right for you. But if you’re anything like me, you wear colour, period!

Juvia’s Place has been blowing my mind since I started wearing their product specifically their lippies. I own lip balms, lipsticks, gloss, and liquid lipsticks from them. They are very affordable and feel luxurious as well. The lipsticks glide on and the glosses are long lasting and moisturizing which is always a plus. I especially love their Berry and Reds collections and I can’t wait for them to create more colours with this richness. Get ready to hear more about Juvia’s Place in the future. Also I think they’re having a BOGO sale right now, so you know what to do…You’re welcome!

Here is a quick list of other Female-owned brands that I have come across but need more of to make informed and conscious suggestions for you:

  • Truelle
  • Huda
  • Anastasia
  • bourgieCosmetique
  • MFMG
  • Secrets by Danika
  • Pop of Love

As always, Lip wear Lovers, please school me in this area and let me know which Female-Owned brands you’re supporting. When it comes to lip wear, I am always a willing student. Follow me here or on the gram and let me know by tagging me or sending me a DM. Whichever brand you choose to support, do so with pride and #wearitlikeyoumeanit! 💋

Post #26- Black Owned Still (Part 3)

Let the education continue! If you’ve been reading along for this long, then you are familiar with my quest to find more Black Owned Cosmetic companies that make quality products for all shades. Now let me add the disclaimer that I have not found all of the Black Owned brands out there and I am still learning. This post is about the few that I have come across and my experiences with them. I am also happy to report that a few of these are also local and come in pigments that may be different than your average selection. And just because this is my blog about the lippies I’ve acquired, there will also be some new additions from some of our favourite Black Owned brands as well.

Here is the list: Secrets by Danika, Pop of Love, Pat McGrath Labs, FentyBeauty, JayWalk Beauty. A few of these are up and coming and a few have been on the scene and made strides in the industry for quite some time.

Secrets by Danika was suggested to me right after I wrote part 2 of this Black Owned series. It is not only Black Owned, it is also female run and from the Greater Toronto Area. This brand does not have a lot of colours but they are careful to offer highly pigmented shades that are matte and gloss finishes. I chose the matte liquid lipstick in Velvet Touch. It does provide a consistency that is somewhere between velvet and a chalky finish. Once it was dry, I was very happy with the colour. Perfect for Spring time as well. You can check out the product here through their Shopify website.

Pop of Love Beauty is not just a lipstick brand, they also sell body oils, scrubs, and Home collection candles as well as lip wear. I chose a colour I know will be perfect for the Summer and will pop anytime of year. Sweet Talk is a bright bubble gum pink and it goes on with a chalky feeling but dries matte and bright. Pop of Love Beauty is also local to the GTA and can be purchased online and I believe internationally.

I think we all know by now that I love all things Pat McGrath Labs, but she really never ceases to amaze me. Every product is mind blowing and yet well thought out. This amazing superstar created this brand just 6 years ago even though she became the name synonymous with Vogue Paris and Milan beauty looks decades before. It’s hard to believe that such beautiful product is still young since it comes with such maturity and depth, but after working in the industry for more than two decades, I can confidently say she knows what she’s doing and she makes this fellow Black woman born to Jamaican parents very proud! Black owned, Female owned, luxurious, it’s no wonder that this brand is often referred to as The Mothership. My newest crush from this brand is from the Lust Gloss lipgloss collection in Secret Lover. It’s shiny without being oily and it’s berry shade compliments my skin and probably would for any skin tone. It is well pigmented and appears as though I have placed a light shiny gloss over a lipstick, but no, it’s all one product. I am here 👏🏽for👏🏽 it👏🏽!

I have to admit…I like Rihanna’s makeup more than her music…don’t judge me! This FentyBeauty brand is winning on all accounts if you ask me. Every colour seems to glide on and smell great but not in an over-powering way. Before gloss came back into my life for real, Fenty helped lead me back to quality product with the gloss bomb collection and now the fabulous Cream glosses that are pigmented and hydrating. I wear them alone or on top of any shade of lipstick. I’m still collecting a few more colours but currently the colour Mauve Wive$ can do no harm. This colour goes with every outfit and is either a nude or a pop by itself or as a topper. Simply magical! See for yourself.

Last but certainly not least in my find is a very new company called JayWalk Beauty that I happened to come across on instagram. (Every so often I’ll go to the search bar and type the hashtag #blackownedcosmetics and see what I come up with.) They had really pigmented colours and REALLY inexpensive prices. So right away I bought three liquid lipsticks that all dry to a matte chalky finish for that ultimate pop. They call themselves JayWalk because you could stop traffic while wearing their colours, Haha! Just the way we like it. I own the colours Madam (a berry red), I’m Rich (a cobalt blue), and Twirl (a bright tangerine orange pictured below) all from their Petty Paint collection. I’m excited to add to the Colours that Scare My Mother post with the blue especially! Check them out here. Even with shipping this was an easy buy!

Now to be fair there are SOOOOOO many other Black Owned brands out there that I am still looking out for. Unfortunately, some of these brands do not ship to Canada, but I’m waiting for them or in the midst of contacting American family members to help me out, I am très excited about the Black Owned parts of the Beauty industry that are not just fulfilling a need, but are proving the necessity of Black contribution to the world. I can’t wait to try out Danessa Myricks, Mented, Beauty Bakerie and Purim, just to name a few because a win for any of these is a win for all beautiful lip-wear-wearing-faces everywhere. And just because I’m writing the post doesn’t mean I know it all. It might be the educator in me or the student that lives in my heart, but I am always ready to be schooled in this area, so please hit me up on the gram (@thelipstickblogger) or follow me here and leave a comment. Colour on Colour is just so much fun to me and thanks to many Black Owned companies, we are now wearing colour like we mean it. I’m off to build up the Black Owned side of the makeup drawer. 💋 #wearitlikeyoumeanit #SupportBlackOwned

Post #25- He Is Risen! Happy Easter! Hope is alive!

Well, it’s Easter Monday here in Toronto as I write this. It was a beautiful long weekend with unpredictable Spring weather and a smidgen of hope in the air even as we entered another lockdown. Another Easter weekend away from friends and family seemed like a cruel April Fool’s joke, but here we are again, knowing that things won’t always be this way. So with hope building and so many lippies in my makeup drawer, I thought it would be beautiful to share some colours with you that are a perfect pop of pastel for this Easter season. And just like the resurrection power of Jesus being forever, I’d like to think that colour will last forever too. That being said, you can wear these Easter colours all year long, babe. I bet they’ll pop in the Summer. You’ll recognize some of them from Spring and I’ve even rocked a couple of these in the snow. Here are hopeful Easter colours for your consideration. They also remind me of chocolate eggs, ha! Jesus and chocolate? Sounds perfect to me! ( I paired a couple of these lippies with my new Hosana shirt by WellVersed Apparel. Check them out to get yours or your custom apparel too.

First up is this beautiful baby pink from Maybelline‘s Superstay Matte Ink collection named Dreamer. It’s this chalky pastel pink that would be great for any ombre lip and has the kind of staying power that will last through Easter dinner. You’d think it would be subtle, but it has this melanin responding with a “Hello, World!” vibe that cannot be ignored.

For the third post in a row is the beautiful Praline by BiteBeauty. It is a creamy matte in a pastel type of orange that makes me so happy. It’s also a three-in-one, eyes, cheeks, and lips lipstick. It pops like the pink I mentioned, but it’s peachy undertones gently remind us of the Summer nights to come with or without gloss on top. Hope and moisture in one lippy. Yes Please!

I couldn’t leave out Purple, because if you’ve been reading along for any length of time, you’ll agree with me that lips and the colour purple were always meant for each other. This one is a tie because these two colours are not only similar in hue and staying power, but they are also from Black-female-owned brands that make my happy with any product they produce. Faux Pas from the MatteTrance line by Pat McGrath Labs and Bodacious by ColouredRaine are tied in my head and heart. Both of these lippies pop as a pastel, go on creamy, and last longer than one would think. One is a creamy matte lipstick and the other a matte liquid lipstick. I could go on and I’m sure they will keep on making appearances here in my part of the blogging world.

And last but certainly not least is a beautiful blue by Covergirl. It made an appearance during the Winter colours of the season post and just seemed to pop differently during this Easter weekend. It may have been my grey hair or the sunshine or maybe my confidence, but this pastel, long-lasting Demi-matte blue named Bestie Boo just showed be how daring I can be. Faith? Hope? Believing that all can be well? Yes, I can choose to believe things will and can turn around for me and the world and I can wear an affordable pastel popping blue and love every minute of it! Hosanna indeed!

I don’t know what your long Easter weekend was like or even what 2021 has been for you, but I want to encourage you, maybe even dare you to have hope again and to believe. Believe for life, believe for positive change, believe for healthy happy people in your world. Easter isn’t just about a weekend, it’s about life changing forever and living in faith after this blessed weekend. Just like we #wearitlikewemeanit, I’m asking you to wear hope and faith again and maybe even eat some chocolate with your favourite Easter-coloured lips and do so courageously. Yes, you can be bold with your pastel lippies and with your faith. Which brand or colour will you choose? See you soon Beautiful, Courageous One! 💋

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