Post #15- Colours of the Season: WINTER!

In the words of my bestie, Vanessa, “It has Wintered!”

In Toronto, Winter like almost any other season in this beautiful city is quite unpredictable. In what must be our warmest January ever or at least in my life time, we have seen temperatures rise far above what is seasonal and drop without much warning. But it has indeed Wintered. A coat and scarf are necessary when facing the brisk Southern-Ontario winds and grey days even if there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground. And just like our bodies, our lips need some winter loving too. 

 Just what are Winter colours anyway? I have a theory that is only self-tested, so take it with a grain of salt if you must, but I like cooler tones and darker hues in the winter time. Perhaps it’s because it’s mostly grey and white out and most of the warm things we wear at this time of year are black or blue or beige. But a darker hue on some brown skin, even if that skin has lightened some (Oh sunshine, how I miss you!), is contrast enough to provide a wonderful accessory and maybe even a ray of warmth oddly enough to a potentially cold day. I do have another theory that works in any season and it is The Opposites Theory which is to do the opposite with your accessories than what is expected of you. For example, pull off a hot pink while in your parka and grey hat for Winter and a deep blue while in your shorts and swimsuit on the beach while the sun kisses your skin in the Summer time. This approach ends up being contrast enough to show both uniqueness and confidence and will highlight something about you, whether that thing is skin or outfit, that is unexpected.

In this post I’ll explore some of my Winter faves when it comes to colour and the moisture we so often need in the dryer air that Winter sends our way. (stay tuned for the Lip-Care Post.)

some of this weeks lippies!

Fearless by The LipBar reminds me of another favourite I’ve mentioned here many times before. Visionary by Maybelline in their Superstar Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick line is a colour I wore A LOT! My second bottle is almost out. This more subtly placed greyish purple goodness goes on easy. I am always grateful for the easy transfer of colour from the stick to my lips. And even though it is matte, it isn’t ever drying or too thin to provide beautiful shelter for lips in the Winter winds. And if I’m ever in need of a confidence boost, the name of the colour will do just that.

Bestiboo in a Demi-matte lipstick by Covergirl was a beautiful delightful surprise that I need to add to a sequel to the Colours That Scare My Mother, LOL! I didn’t know this Demi-Matte thing is a thing, but why not? It is thick enough with enough staying power to be a Matte lip, but with all of the moisture of a satin. Fascinating indeed! The baby-blueness of it has a hint of Easter in it and pops just enough to change the entire look to something exciting, perfect for Winter and Blue hair. This little drugstore pickup does not disappoint.

Clapback in the Mattemoiselle line by Fenty Beauty also garnered a response from Mama that was so exciting and brought so much joy to my face. This. Lip. Is. All. Things. Matte! It is dark beauty and it is a statement so make sure you want to make one when you wear. I was surprised at this little sticks power to shock ad satisfy at the same time. It goes on easy without the feeling of oils or grease and even lasted 45 minutes in a hot sweaty mask, with only a little residue left on the inside of my mask. What’s great is that they are completely affordable and come in a variety of shades. Needless to say this is my favourite colour from the line.

Times Up by ColouredRaine is a great dark purple-blackberry rich matte lipstick with some moisture in it. It felt like I was wearing Vitamin E in a fierce shade. This is a #WearItLikeYouMeanIt shade, for sure! It also reminded me of another Superstar Matte Ink favourite, although still lighter in hue, it gave me a similar feeling. That being said, Escapist by Maybelline and Times Up by ColouredRaine are still different enough for any lipwearer to own both…you’re welcome!  😎

And just for a little fun, I decided to add a tiny ombre feel by mixing in a little bit of Bestieboo…I absolutely loved it! All of a sudden I had all of the purples on display in one look. So much fun! See photos below.

But every now and then a nude will do. It’s always refreshing to see how a proper nude look in the Winter can be just as refreshing of thoughts of Lemonade on a hot beauty day. So for nude I went with the best, Pat McGrath Labs has a wonderful experience waiting for me every time I wear 1995 from the MatteTrance line of lippies they offer. This one goes on like velvet, like all Pat McGrath lippies do and completely covers my whole lip, (hiding any residue of blue 😲) and staying on for as long as I would like it to be there, but also coming off with so much ease, one would think they should reapply before bed.

Remember the Opposites Theory I mentioned earlier? Well these two colours do just that. I have 3, Violetta by MAC lipsticks in my lipstick collection. All gifts! I know good people. I’ve given one away but since I’ve tried the last two, I keep one close and the other ready for action. This is a satin lipstick that was one of the first to encourage me to try textures other than Matte again. It’s a pinky, purple, hint of iridescent kind of colour. It is so pigmented even though it is a satin and if you’ve had this one on for anything longer than an hour, you will also have a bright pink lip stain once the lipstick is gone, so wear this one like you mean it too, because your lips will have it on for a while. The second opposite selection is this great Superstay Matte Ink Lip Crayon by Maybelline that comes with its own sharpener right in the top of the cap and is probably a hit in the Summer. When I wear this in the winter it hits differently. My skin’s yellow undertones seem to welcome the slight yellow undertone in this orange-coral, red called Laugh Louder. I am here for it!

This second last one was a Winners find on a random day after work, pre-pandemic times that I often surprised myself with. It’s a pale mauve sort of colour by Anastasia called Poet in a matte liquid lipstick. It’s distant relation to purple is just enough to make it a Winter wonder, but it is light enough to almost fool anyone into thinking that this is a funky subtle nude. Anastasia rarely disappoints, and though this one doesn’t last through your favourite sandwich as well as the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink ones do, it still hugs the lips long enough to make the perfect statement. I also just love the name of the colour. As a singer songwriter, I can relate. What say you?

Last but not least and probably the only red related colour out of the bunch, is this rich dark burgundy fave of mine…it’s almost done and I was sad to discover it to be so. Superstay Matte Ink in Voyager is the daytime Winter Red that is appropriate for my teacher life and yet daring enough to accompany my personality long into the gigging nights I may have. This one stays on. Find your favourite eye makeup remover or coconut oil to remove this one, because it will not leave without permission.

My loves, I would so enjoy hearing about your own Winter favourites and combinations. Do you use the Opposite theory for your lippies as well? And please know that the Winter colours do not stop here. Go ahead and choose what makes you and your pout happy. No matter which season we are approaching , or even if your blessed self lives in a beautiful tropical situation with wet and dry seasons, choose that lipwear and please #WearItLikeYouMeanIt and mean it when you do! See you soon or on the gram!

Post #14- Drug Store or Luxury- with Michelle

Hi! My name is Michelle and I’m a creative director currently based in Toronto. I’ve lived in 5 countries, I love fashion, film, and Jesus. Temeka and I met, in a very random situation. We were both invited to the wedding of a mutual friend. We ended up at the last table, but it was by the bar and filled with the most amazing ladies. If you ask me, we had the best table at the entire wedding. It’s still one of my fave memories of living in Toronto. 

Temeka asked me to guest blog here today and I feel so privileged. I tried to offer a variety of colours and products in today’s comparison, sticking with two of my fave colours and then hitting up the Beauty Boutique at City Place, where Priscella helped me pick out a shade I would have NEVER tried. I was scared, but I love it. I can’t wait to wear it to a video meeting and see the reaction. 

Pretty in Pink! Mac “Pink Pigeon” vs Karl Lagerfeld for L’Oreal “Karismatic”

I adore a bold lip and with these pinks, it’s clear why. I have big eyes and often I just do my eyebrows and mascara, so a bold lip is a must. I must say, masks are a must, but they do wreck my lip game, so I try to wear them during the week where I work from home. I might be in leggings, but my lips are dressed up. For this bold pink look, I chose Mac vs L’oreal by Karl both in matte finishes. I tend to stick to matte because when I do wear eyeshadow, I like to add a little sparkle and think the matte compliments the look. Here, the clear winner was the Mac. Though both are great, the L’Oreal was a deeper colour, but when I took it off, it felt like it stained my face. The Mac lip was creamy and offered a soft pout. 

Racy Red. Laura Mercier “Rouge Ultime” vs. L’Oreal Blake exclusive

Red lips are my fave. I feel sexy, bold, and powerful. I’ve often worked in male-dominated fields and a good red lip always made me feel like I could conquer any room I walked into. For this comparison, I tried a travel lipstick I received with my Sephora order back in December. I have never used a Laura Mercier lip and I am sold. The drugstore red has been a go-to for me recently, but when I put on the Laura Mercier I was in love. It’s soft, creamy, feels like a comfortable velvet on my lips. My usual red lip is from Stila, but since it’s a lip cream and not a lipstick, I didn’t want to include it. I think this Laura Mercier is worth the full-size purchase. As far as the Karl by L’Oreal lip, it’s beautiful, feels wonderful on the lips, but like the other L’Oreal, it stained really badly and I had to actually apply more foundation after. My worry is that if you eat or drink with it, you’ll look like a vampire. 

Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone: the browns. Dior “Chocolate Matte” vs. NYX Suede “Cold Brew”

I told Priscilla at the Shoppers that I wanted to try something new. I like neutrals like a good soft pink or mauve, but I didn’t really want to spend that on a DIOR lipstick, not this time. She took up the challenge and pulled out this warm and rich brown shade. I was scared, but I put it on, and aside from not going with my eye look of the day, I felt good in it. It warmed up my skin and made my green eyes pop. I am really excited to use this shade again. But now for the comparison. I’m not going to lie, trying to find a brown to match this shade in a drugstore was hard. Only one brand had a shade that wasn’t too red: NYX. Honestly, pigment, and shade, they’re almost a perfect match, but when it comes to putting it on my lips, DIOR won by a mile. The NYX shade felt like sand in comparison to the DIOR. I think that if you didn’t know how good DIOR was, then, sure it would be fine, but spending 30 dollars or so on a DIOR is worth every penny. I’m absolutely going back and buying more shades. My poor wallet. 

Final thoughts, L’Oreal, NYX, they’re good if you don’t know. Pigment overall was excellent, but when it comes to comfort on your lips, luxury won every time. And, when you wear matte lipsticks as I do, comfort is Queen 😉 

As Michelle mentioned, she and I met at the wedding of a mutual friend. I wasn’t sure who I’d know there besides the bride. I found one other friend and we both soon noticed that we were seated at the most amazing Single ladies table ever. The whole table was a vibe! Michelle and I happened to be placed right beside each other. She had on fabulous makeup colours and we were soon posing for each other’s selfies. What a memory!

When I first posted my intentions to blog on the gram, Michelle was one of the first to comment and DM me her encouragement. And since she has such great style and her own beautiful collection, I asked for her opinion on some of her faves. Well let’s get to it. Comparing luxury or high end brands to drug store is risky business but is also necessary for anyone with a bank account. One may be priced lower but if it lacks quality, then you may end up spending more in the long run. And if the luxury brand is all packaging and price tag and doesn’t deliver then your lips are doubly disappointed. 

Here are my picks. I told Michelle to choose 3 comparison pairs and then I could barely hold myself to the standard. 🤷🏽‍♀️That being said, I’ll show my three and include a bonus that Michelle and I feel similarly about. 

PINK ME!- Wild Orchid-457 from Revlon‘s Super Lustrous Lipstick line vs. 52 from YSL‘s Rouge Pur Couture collection

Pinks are soooo beautiful and as you can tell they range from deep sultry tones to light and sun-kissed peachy ones. This Revlon pick was a gift from my birthday haul and it has this amazing iridescent purple finish to it while being a satin easy-to-go on colour. I feel fabulous in this Pink and think that Revlon has outdone themselves with this particular colour. It makes my students’ eyes pop when I wear it for class on zoom first thing in the morning, haha! 52 by YSL Rouge Pur Couture is the very definition of luxurious in so many ways. Thank God I found this on sale because it doesn’t retail anywhere near the price of the Revlon one. And neither should it! LOL!. I love wearing this lipstick, and this is my second time doing so outside of a zoom call. I feel annoyed when it’s time to take it off because even though it’s a satin finish, it is full coverage, which currently blows my mind, and it is very smooth. When eating through this one, like I did on my birthday, it seems to lightly stain the mouth making a great foundation for the rest of the colour to sit on and never quite leaves with your meal. Wonder of wonders! Both are fabulous, but in this category it’s YSL all the way.

Burnt Brown Goodness!- 02-Gold Waves by Kiko Cosmetics from their Matte Lip Style line vs. Venus in Furs by Pat McGrath Labs

I obtained this lipstick from Kiko Cosmetics the last time I was in London, England…seems so long ago now (thanks covid🙄) and I was nicely surprised by the overall aesthetic and feel of the store. Drugstore prices with the Luxury shopping feel. This colour doesn’t glide on and has a matte finish, but once that colour is on there it is full coverage of deep brownish-burgundy goodness. However, eating anything with this will steal it from your lips, so selfie first and eat after!

As for this amazing Pat McGrath beauty, it glides on with ease and barely any permission. This beautiful brown acts as my nude when I want a nude that likes to party. It is a matte full coverage colour that lasts a little longer than my Kiko go-to. Lips clothed by The Mothership (as the Pat McGrath enterprise is referred to) always leaves lips feeling loved and velvety. who wouldn’t want that?!

Dazzle me, Babe!-And of course we need some sort of gloss, so here is She’s All That by Milani from their Ludicrous lipgloss collection vs. FU$$Y by Fenty Beauty

Lipgloss! Non-oily, non-greasy lipgloss! That’s what I am presenting here. Milani‘s She’s All That will give you that 90’s feel when we were all lip dipped in a bucket of chicken without adding the feel of grease to your lips. It is so shiny and has a bit of sparkle for that daytime fun. If you want to look moisturized, this is your pick. I’ve also enjoyed this one over matte shades of all kind. I find it steals pigment when added to satin finishes but it’s so much fun and acts as a great base for those times you might want to add something like loose sparkle. Fenty on the other hand has wowed me with these lipglosses that leave your lips feeling moisturized and looking lush without the lip plumper. And let’s face it, I don’t ever need a lip plumper. FU$$Y has a hint of pink to it that my bottom lip loves and enough colour that compliments my top browner lip instead of being all the way transparent. However, this gloss is a compliment to any colour you want to spice up. This one was so nice I bought the lip bomb by Fenty twice.

Bonus Round- Liquid matte lips! NYX Lingerie in LIPLI vs. NARS in Somebody To Love

Boy, do I love me a great brown! Not only is it a nude but it makes my skin pop and creates a new solid palette for any eye look I’m considering. It also goes well with Blue hair. 😉 This is full coverage provided by NYX in this wonderful shade of LIPLI. It goes on with minimal effort and stays on without being difficult to remove. What I like is that you can put this on, even if your lips are stained from a previous lip colour and it will still give you full coverage, even if it is drying the lips. I wouldn’t know that this would feel like sand though, had I not tried this beautiful NARS shade in Somebody To Love. I look at the bottle and I think Brown but this colour has beautiful pink undertones that cover my lips without using much of the product. This one is also mask proof, so yay to being gorgeous before, during and after you go out. It glides on easily and even though it has a silly little applicator on the end of the wand, it wins in texture and longevity. Now, if I could only get it in the NYX shade.

Well, there you have it my loves, but you don’t have to take our word for it. (But you totally can if you want to.)Luxury should be all the way luxurious if it is priced that way. Texture, vibrancy of colour, even fragrance are things that should be included if I’m not at the drugstore. However, more and more drugstore brands are focusing on quality and packaging that rivals many of the luxe brands on the market. Revlon, Kiko, and NYX all had packaging that was comparable to that of the luxury brands shown here. But Lip Beauty is for every wanting lip, so why not the stuff we dress it up with?! Hopefully this fun comparative collaboration was helpful to you and yours and encouraging. Rock whatever shade you get from wherever you’re getting your lippies. Lord knows the drug store has blessed me many times over. And I’m so grateful for the sales and gifts received that have added luxury to my own collection.

I’d like to thank Michelle for her love of lip wear and her bold choices too. I have yet to add DIOR to my list, but when I do I will #wearitlikeImeanit

Check us out on the gram. I’m @thelipstickblogger and Michelle is @michelletiffanycandice. Tell us what your fave luxe and drugstore brands are. I’m always looking for an opportunity to learn more about lip wear. Stay tuned, and I’ll see you next week. 💋

Post #13- Lipstick, The Experience!

Yes! You read that right. Lipstick can absolutely be an experience. I have two beautiful memories to prove it to you.

As I was going through my stash of lip goodies, I found the products of these two experiences and I had to write about it and in a way this will also be an inspiration of hope for us all who enjoy a Pandemic-less lipstick or lip wear experience! Please keep hope alive, my love!

A couple birthdays ago, my bestie, Jilly booked an appointment for me at the new Bite Beauty Lab here in Toronto. I had been wanting to go and we were both fascinated by the concept of making lipstick on the spot. We walked in and saw these consultants and lab experts, wearing lab coats. Women were sipping on wine while being seated along a long bar table where there were instruments of all kinds to make their lippy of choice. How exciting! While we waited for our turn, we got a look around the store to see already made product.

After a little while it was our turn. A whole hour for the two of us to find that something special. First we were asked to remove anything we were wearing with a beautiful all natural lip scrub (Don’t worry, a lip care post is on the way😊) that left us feeling refreshed and clean. I remember tasting it by accident and the wonderful lady who helped us said, “that’s alright, you can technically eat everything we make because it’s vegan and charged with superfoods”. It’s clean makeup! Who doesn’t want that? I liberally licked my lips throughout the process whenever I felt the urge, Ha!

post lip scrub and moisturizer

The Bite Beauty Lab experience is a great idea, because it allows the customer the privilege of choosing what is right for you, or that colour you’ve been wanting or that something new to spice up the face routine. Bite Beauty goes the extra mile by giving your lips the treatment they deserve even before your new found lip colour is made. Lip scrubs, balms, and masks, and a goody bag filled with sample sizes for you to continue the regimen at home. Win, Win, Win!

At the time, I had been looking for a burnt orange in a matte finish of some kind. Jilly wanted a bold blue! We applied the first few swatches to see if we were getting it right and were both surprised at the texture and the vibrancy of the colour. It also felt like art class again from elementary school where we got to mix paints and discover that a little bit of black or yellow goes a long way. Needless to say, we were both happy at the end of the hour with our products, so I bought another in true Temeka fashion. Praline is the name of my second purchase. It’s one that already existed and is available for sale in their store or on their website. It is a multi stick for the lips, cheeks, and eyes. I find that the peachy tone is great for all three in the summer, but I love it as a lipstick most of all. The best part was getting to think of a name for my new personalized lipstick. What is so great on the part of Bite Beauty Lab is that they save your lipstick under your name with its perfect mix of colour and texture so that when you run out, because you will run out, you can come back and just pick it up again. How thoughtful! What did I name my burnt orange? Orange You Ready to know?! haha.

Now let’s fast forward to the next year, really just a few weeks later when my other bestie Vanessa decided to surprise another one of our besties (yes, you can have more than one best friend or I’m really blessed) with a lipstick experience after a lunch for her birthday at a place called Mix Beauty Lab. There would be just a handful of us to enjoy this experience and we would have the entire shop to ourselves as we got a chance to explore colour choices and options such as stick or gloss. It was lovely. I remembered Jilly and decided to go for a cool light blue. The other ladies wanted to play it safe or go for the perfect nude or pink they had been searching for but could never find. This was the perfect opportunity to do both.

The consultant that helped us was patient and didn’t rush us to make up our minds. Could you imagine making 5 different lippies for 5 very different women? It became a fun educational moment for all of us as we learned about the difference between warm and cool tones and how they are perceived on different skin tones as well. So important! Even though there was no wine, we had tons of fun and laughed while becoming our own models in a store full of all kinds of customizable beauty products. The name I chose for my cool blue is Blue You Boo in a matte finish, but seen below in a gloss texture.

I couldn’t believe that in the city of Toronto, I could have two very different lip-wear making experiences. This genius idea is not new, it’s just been perfected by companies like Bite Beauty Lab and Mix Beauty Lab. I mix my colours at home all of the time. It’s a fun way to be unique and why shouldn’t we be exactly who we were made to be, lips and all? So I boldly get the weird, new, unusual colour especially if I’m paying to make a colour I won’t find elsewhere. Experiencing lipstick doesn’t only happen in a lab, although Science in high school would have been way more fun if this was how chemistry class always worked. Experiencing lip wear can be anything from the colour you chose this morning or the way you took it from day time to night time dinner drama. You wearing the lip colour is the experience for us. Whatever way you make your lip choice happen, in a lab or directly on your face, #WearItLikeYouMeanIt. 💋

See you on the gram @thelipstickblogger

Post #12- Birthday/Holiday Haul and Plans for 2021!

Happy New Year! It’s 2021 and if you’re reading this, You and I have made it through an interesting season. That is worth celebrating! 

wearing Everything by The Lipbar– Happy 2021!

So as mentioned in my previous post, I am fortunate to be able to celebrate by birthday after Christmas and right before New Year’s Eve. It’s a week of celebration and I didn’t let a pandemic stop me from wearing my lippies either, ha! After all, we can only really wear them at home now. 🙁

I was also fortunate to receive a few lipsticks from my wonderful friends and family who know me so well. I also usually go out for my boxing day shopping which thankfully in Toronto last longer than just the day. This year going out wasn’t allowed, so I did a little online and added just a little more to the makeup drawer. Still fun especially in PJs. You also know you have good friends when they buy you organizational tools to store your lip wear…The ladies on The Home Edit would be proud I think. (Thanks Sulleyma!) 

Below are some of the lip goodies I received and I cannot wait to share their goodness. And yes I have already tried them all, ha! I have yet to document my enjoyment of these lippies yet and some are still en route…I can’t wait!

Above on the orange fluffy pillow are the Smashbox set with a beautiful trio of sheer and satin colours Easy, Get Fired, and Black Cherry. I am wearing Black Cherry in the top right photos. I also got a staple nude from Pat McGrath, Venus in Furs as well as a beautiful deep burgundy in and Flesh 3. Love my friends! And can you believe that I did not own any of the Superstar Matte Ink Crayons by Maybelline? Shocked?! So was I. These beauties are so easy to apply and the pencil form makes getting the colour right up to your lipline so easy. They also come with a little sharpener hidden in the bottom of the crayon to restore that pointy tip shape should you desire to do so. I now have Laugh Louder, the orange one and Make It Happen in a deep Burgundy red! I tried a workout in the red one and it did not budge! I would have posted that pic here, but neck and cheek sweat are not my best looks. 🙄

As for this year, you can expect a little more involvement from The Lipstick Blogger. I’m looking forward to collaborations and news about brands I didn’t even know existed. I’m also looking forward to adding to the Black Owned and the Black Owned & Local Posts as I’ve learned so much about over the last few months. I can’t wait for you to read the post that comes out after this one. There’s a fun story with that one too, but you’ll just have to follow me along on this journey of lip wear appreciation. Stay tuned for posts on Lip health and Lip care as well as some #WEARITLIKEYOUMEANIT merchandise. 2021 is already looking up and that’s in part to your generous support and your reading eyes. Thank you for both.

Many Blessings and Happy New Year! 2021 here we come!

See you on the gram. Follow me @thelipstickblogger to see some of my lip education in person. Whatever you’re wearing #wearitlikeyoumeanit and mea it when you do💋

Post #11-Happy My Birthday To You!

It’s always a great week just before the year ends. It starts with Christmas and ends with New Year’s celebrations and I’m tucked right in the centre. So you know, it’s like Happy Birthday, Jesus! Happy Birthday Temeka! Happy New Year!

This won’t be too long, but I couldn’t help but finish off the year with a post celebrating the cool choices of lip wear I had to choose from for my birthday festivities. First, let me tell you about the plans. Celebrating birthdays are very important to me. Celebrating my birthday is a whole other feeling. It’s a time to reflect on the past year. It’s a time to have fun with your loved ones, and it’s also a time to consider the coming year. I get to be grateful out loud in a great outfit. Plus you add food, music and cake and it’s just worthwhile. What’s not to love?!

Thanks to the pandemic this year, I had to rethink what is usually a fun celebratory moment just before the year ends. I thought by now, COVID-19 would’ve been a bad dream or weird one-hit-wonder-tv-show, but as the days and months passed, it was clear that I needed to alter my plans. A formal dinner party, catered with the best food Annotto had to offer for 9 of my closest friends and I became a Virtual Formal dinner party for 5. I was sad at first when my Bestie, Vanessa suggested we go online. I have been Zoomed out for a while and I just didn’t want to do a Zoom party for my birthday. But nevertheless, we planned it out and I contacted the wonderful caterers who understood and were willing to accommodate the ever changing plans. Meals were picked up individually, we dressed up and set individual place settings and logged on to what was just as beautiful as it might have been in person. All I missed were the hugs.

I wore this amazing skirt designed by my bestie, Vanessa Thomas (see picture of skirt from a different event for context) with a black V-neck body suit. I had on this multi coloured bead encrusted headband by Morowa that I wore like a crown. My face had an epic gold and brown smoky eye with a teal under eye liner. Oy veh, it was gorgeous! Now for the lip. I had this amazing colour I acquired from YSL simply called No. 52-Rouge Rose from the ROUGE PUR COUTURE GOLD ATTRACTION EDITION. The packaging alone felt super luxe and I couldn’t wait to wear it. I added a nude lip liner before layering on this Satiny Bright Pinkish rose to my lips. This is a wear-It-like-you-mean-it colour. This added the pop of colour my outfit needed but also complemented the black I was rocking and loving. I am also glad to report that it made it through dinner without really wearing off.

outfit designed by Vanessa Thomas (skirt shown for context)

My second choice for the night (and by choice, I mean I wore it later on in the night) was a beautiful lipstick I bought from Pat McGrath. It reminded me of ColouredRaine’s Bodacious (see Merry Christmas Post for this picture), but this wasn’t a matte ;liquid lipgloss . And even though there was some shine, it felt creamy and Matte enough to last as long as I needed it to. This one comes from the Matte Trance collection in Faux Pas described on the website as a Mid-tone Lavender. I am here for it! The packaging and quality of materials used for this one is also that of luxury and decadence. I also got two more lipsticks from the Mothership for birthday gifts from one of my besties! AHHHH!!!! (I may have to do a post on the birthday haul of lippies…Hmmm…)

My third choice was one I tried on a while ago. I didn’t end up wearing it, but I took pictures anyway a couple weeks ago when I was considering my outfit. It’s this beautiful Pink by The LipBar called Playmate. Its a matte liquid lipgloss that I’ve mentioned in previous post.I layered it with Flat Out Fabulous by MAC for this velvet finish. I find either of these Pinks or the combo is a great idea every time.

Lastly, as mentioned in my last blog post, I recently received Everything, a lipstick by The Lipbar. It is GOLD….GOLD!!! So for day two of my birthday celebrations, I mixed one of the new Pat McGrath presents, Venus In Furs also from the MatteTrance collection and used this wonderful gold Everything in the centre for this wonderful Zoomtastic look. I loved it so much. Yes, I wore the crown again because if anything I felt even more royal than I did last week and the added glow to my lips made way for my Queenship to develop.

What colours inspire you for your birthday celebrations? What colours are you willing to try that maybe you’ve been nervous about? A Birthday or celebration, on or off zoom is the perfect place to choose THAT colour and #wearitlikeyoumeanit 💄

I’ll see you soon. Have a wonderful New Year…I’ll be wearing GOLD there. 😉

Everything by The LipBar
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