Post #16- Matte, Satin, & Shine. Let’s talk about texture!

If you’ve been reading and watching for any length of time in this Lipstick quest of mine, then you would know that I love a good stay-in-place-matte lip. You would also know that I am broadening my sights and setting them once again on gloss and satin finishes.

In the last couple of years, a couple gloss liquid lipsticks have made their way into my makeup drawer and I would use them as toppers for a matte look or keep them for that “as-moisturizer-only” occasion. Within the last few months, more and more transparent and sheer glosses have made their home into my everyday lip-wear decision moment. Thanks to more cosmetic companies giving us more than just oil and greasy looking shine, I look forward to that part of every day. 

Now I must be honest, because I did a quick at-home shoot for this, (because aren’t we all at home anyway?) and because I know I have a pretty good collection of matte pictures with which to choose from. I shot the glosses! Can you believe it?! Ahh!!! It was soooooo much fun and a little easier than shooting 10-15 mattes since glosses are easier to remove. Some of my picks include luxury brands and Black owned brands, which is also sometimes the same thing (and really, these Black owned brands are killing it so much out here in these lipstick streets that I will have to include an aspect of glorious Blackness in every post). 

I think the only way to make this easier is if I choose a colour and then comment on the brands’ differences between textures. For example, a nude in a gloss, a satin, and or a matte finish to show the contrast between the lip-wear and the effect it has on the lip, whether that be depth or volume or even the appearance of hydration.

First up, are two from the same company that will be reappearing. Juvia’s Place is a Black Owned company with bright pigmented affordable makeup and their lip wear does not disappoint. I have pictured below a beautiful matte named Red Velvet that looks every bit of red as a lip could look and is so satisfying to watching as it dries to it’s final presentation of red goodness. It goes on easily and is full coverage without being drying.Lips can still be rubbed together gently, but will not chafe. I also have pictured here a sheer gloss with a hint of red tint named Ruby Rose. Now this gloss reminded me of my school age days when I would sit bored in French class with a roller top gloss applicator and keep on rolling onto my lips until they were slick enough to slide off of. But unlike those oily days, this shine is achieved with minimal effort and also works well as a gentle topcoat for this matte or any other. While taking this off I noticed the softness of my lips and the feel of supple lips which isn’t always the feeling one will get especially when taking off a matte colour.

I couldn’t not include a purple plum something. As we also know (wow this has been great review of my life!), I believe PURPLE looks great as makeup and soooooo good on lips. I especially love when colour wears colour. It only takes a little confidence. That being said I am looking at The LipBar‘s Crown Me liquid lipgloss in a matte finish, the satin Violetta by MAC and just because they called it She’s Royal, I’m adding Juvia’s Place’s transparent lipgloss into the mix. The LipBar can do no wrong to me when it comes to their lip wear. This matte colour goes on easy and dries quickly and lasts through most food choices. It feels secure, like it’s dry and hugging your lips but not tearing them away with cracks like one that may be too drying. Violetta made an appearance in a recent post of mine, (so check that out too☺️) but it is a very pigmented purple with pink undertones that glides on easily as all Satins should but is tinted enough to have your lips covered all day at least with bright colour. Like Ruby Rose, She’s Royal is sheer and tinted with a little more than a hint of plum and would look beautiful on top of a matte or a semi-matte colour for that plumping effect without the extra acids and chemicals my lips so obviously don’t need.

I had to include Pink once I got my hands on Pat McGrath‘s BlitzTrance lipstick named Fuchsia Perfection. And isn’t it perfect though. This is bubble gum pink is all of the best parts of sparkle and shine poured into a satin finish with enough pigment to last and a velvety feel. And just in case you eat all of your lipstick off in some sandwich or other food choice, The Mothership has figured out how to leave pigmented sparkles on your lips so that your pout is still dressed! Come On, Somebody!!! I decided to pair this with one I mentioned a couple times in my first few posts. ColouredRaine is also becoming one of my favourites in all aspects of makeup, but they have definitely won my affections when it comes to lip-wear and bold pigmented options. Amazing Raine seemed like it was up for the challenge. It goes on so easy and looks as if it will dry in a chalky sort of way, but it’s this baby pastel pink that pops and gives full coverage all day long. I love it for Summer time (How I miss that summer glow😩) or just anytime really.

We have to mention nudes. The perfect agreement between anatomical lip colour and blend of lip wear choices. With a two-toned canvas like mine, I still like to observe how glosses will offer the coverage or enhance the look of both of my lips while being transparent or in a satin finish. This one did not disappoint. I have been waiting to try out FentyBeauty‘s Creme Gloss Bomb in Cookie Jar and the Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow for sometime. I had no idea what to expect especially with the cremes, but I had had such a great experience with FU$$Y in the original Gloss Bombs that I decided to give it a try. Both go on with a feeling of expensive moisturizer and smell wonderful, but not too much so as not to overpower the senses (I’m smell sensitive and smelling too good is actually a thing). I’m also surprised at how both the cremes and more transparent ones last quite a while. I have yet to see a gloss cover both colour of my lips and yet remain transparent. I’m hooked! For the comparison, I’ll look at a nude matte I frequent a lot, Superstar matte Ink in Fighter by Maybelline. This one will last all day and is thick and pigmented enough to completely cover it all. As long as I don’t get carried away and add too many layers, it won’t crack or peel and will feel moist without the movement of a regular gloss. All good things especially if you’re going from day activities to night time ones without much time in between.

To end this post, I think I’ll just show you what I’ve been discovering. Pat McGrath Labs has created some genius level science project with the following lipglosses. They sparkle and are metallic with iridescence and make me feel like I’m a Queen while simultaneously being a super-shero from something animated. The transfer from applicator to pout is unreal. They feel just as velvety as the lipsticks offered by The Mothership but with a little more slip and I could not wait to wear these somewhere, so why not to the Zoom call?! What are they? I’m glad you asked…My love, please meet from the mini OpuLust Gloss collection, Naked Rose, Lavendering, and Dreamscape. 🤩

Thanks for coming along on this particular journey with me. I’m so glad I’ve opened up to gloss once again. Look at all I would’ve missed out on. There are so many to comment on but I think I’ll end there for now. Don’t forge to check meow on the gram and let me know your go-to’s in each category. What texture do you prefer? See you soon. Don’t forget that you and your pout are wonderfully made, so whether you choose to shine or wear full coverage colour, #wearitlikeYoumeanit and mean it when you do! 💋

Published by Temeka W.

Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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