Post #17- Valentine’s Day! Reds and Pinks and then some!

Valentine’s Day is one of those weird holidays, aesthetically speaking. It’s a collection of colours that kind of sorta want to clash but have been excused for a day of love. I also think if we look back to before this holiday became so commercialized, we’ll know that there wasn’t as much lipstick being worn. How sad! We’ll also note that St.Valentine was more concerned with providing a service to young couples wanting to profess their love even though it went against the orders of those in charge back in the day.

Love is a God-given gift that should be celebrated in all its forms, between Parents and children, friends, between spouses, and between lippies and lips. I also want you to know that no matter who you are and who you’re spending this holiday with, or whom you’re not spending it with, that YOU are worthy of love and being loved, from head to toe, from my lips to your heart! That being said, let’s see what kinds of reds and pinks and maybe some randoms in my lip collection are worthy of the Valentine’s day choice and let’s see if it will last through dinner and a kiss!

Juvia’s Place recently came out with a Reds and Rubies collection of mattes and satins and sheer lip wear. I was able to receive a portion of it and I have been waiting to share them with you. I’m going to list them and share some of them visually. I managed to acquire two transparent glosses, three lipglosses, one matte lipgloss, and one lipstick! This collection features what may be my favourite red to date in the matte liquid lipgloss. As it dries, the hue of red deepens and becomes a beautiful velvet full lip. It’s mind-blowing! 🤯 This collection also features berries in the plum spectrum of colour. And we are here for it. The one lipstick (not pictured on lips) is called So Red and it appears to have a subtle yellow-orange undertone that would have me believe this could have been named something like So Fire😉. And since I mentioned orange, I think I’ll include one of those too. But first, check out these lovely reds and berries from Juvia’s Place.

(Colours pictured below are: Sweet Beets, Ruby Rose, Cherry Love, Cultured, and Red Velvet)

The lipstick pictured below is So Red by Juvia’s Place.

We can’t go on without of course mentioning the pinks that we can wear this upcoming weekend whether or not we’re kissing anyone. Two of these pinks are quickly becoming favourites and have been mentioned here in the world of Temeka’s Lipstick adventures. The first one is Wild Orchid by Revlon and it was given to me as a gift, if you remember. It has a beautiful iridescent purple undertone to it, that makes the almost blue version of Pink so much fun to wear. It’s a satin finish that glides on all day and is pigmented so well you’ll have some of this colour or residue of its goodness all night long! At drugstore prices, this is one you can do…You’re welcome!

My second Pink choice is my birthday choice favourite. It is the fabulous YSL 52 from the Rouge pur Couture collection. It is a peachy bright pink with cream satin for its finish and it also lasts. It seems to dry underneath giving itself its own base allowing this good satin on top to pop!

Next up is one that made it into my make up drawer courtesy of Arbonne and Kalenéa Johnson. (go to post #8 for my in-depth thoughts on this lipstick). Peony from the Smoothed Over Lipstick collection become quite the teacher staple for me in the mornings. It goes on easily and is unapologetic about its Pink-ness without being anywhere near the Hot Pink side of the rainbow.

The next two have are amazing, not just because of their packaging, which is so lovely, but also because of their texture and wearability…(I think I just made up a word…). Fuchsia Perfect 073 from the BlitzTrance collection Pat McGrath Labs has created is all things fabulous! It is a bubble gum pink with sparkles of all colours in it and shimmer which I can feel indicually but not in a way that is annoying. And no these are not the sparkles we used in Kindergarten where stuff got everywhere and we had to shake off the excess. This is a refined version of a pink treasure chest for lips. If you follow me on the gram , you saw my reveal of this colour and heard my gasp as I revealed the swatch on my hand. Just wow! The other showstopper is a Sheer satin lipstick by Lâncome called Impertinente. And even though we are anything but impertinent, this colour isn’t subtle and doesn’t really follow the rules of a sheer satin. It’s see through and yet acts like it’s full coverage. It looks purple as a stick and goes on with pink proudly announcing luxury for lips.

I had to end the pink section with a shimmery beautiful lipgloss by Pat McGrath Labs’ Naked Rose from the OpuLust collection. It is the fabulous compromise for those who are not ready to commit to pink and still want to be all things fabulous. I wish it translated the way I wanted into in the picture, but it is really a pink version of golden orange that pops because of it’s sparkly shimmer. the applicator is also a dream when working the product on your lips no matter what their size.

As for the random lip wear I think should be in the running for your Valentine’s Day options, I would like to present to you Orange…Yes Orange in any hue. I’ve recently fallen in love with Laugh Louder by Maybelline in their Superstay Matte Ink Crayon. It is one of the only Oranges I’ve ever worn that works in the winter months without highlighting my lack-of-sun-yellow-skin. Usually orange glistens in the midst of bronzy skin kissed by the summer sun. This colour gives me the best of both worlds as it’s red tones allow for a little more Winter Colour manipulation. This will also last through your Valentine’s Day chocolates and most of your dinner, so win-win!

Now I understand that we’re in the middle of this Pandemic thing, but I need you to choose YOU. Your lips can be beautiful and your pout kissable even at home. When you get dressed up this Valentine’s Day and have plans for the kids’ nap time or after their bed time, instead of fussing about your shoe choices, look over your own lip collection and apply liberally. Let’s not let the opportunity to enjoy love and colour pass us by. And if you’re single (like most of us are. and how do we meet anyone in a pandemic anyway?!), then dress up the lips for you too. Your reflection is the first place you’ll see you smile. I hope my list will help with your decisions or maybe inspire you to start a new trend and go for a colour not related to pink and red, maybe you’ll go for blue or a reverse black and red ombre situation. Whatever you wear, #WearItLikeYoumeanIt and Mean it when you do, because you deserve it. Single, Married, Alone, Busy, Bored, Child, Parent, Young and or Seasoned in Life; happy Valentine’s Day to you from The Lipstick Blogger. Enjoy!!!

Follow me on the gram @thelipstickblogger or here for more wonderful lip wear content. I’m sure there’s something for every pout What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day?!

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Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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