Post #18- Lip Care before Lip-wear!

8:00 AM-wake up and stretch

8:05 -go to bathroom to empty bladder, wash face, brush teeth

8:10 -go back to room to moisturize face, set eyebrows in gel, choose lip care for the day and apply it LIBERALLY!

8:13- get dressed

8:16- scarf down breakfast!

8:45- apply eyebrows and a light face, reapply lip care if needed

8:58- put on lip wear choice and #wearitlikeyoumeanit

9:00- Welcome to Zoom School (…again)


10:45PM- brush teeth, shower, wash face

11:15- apply night cream and serums to face, apply a generous amount of lip care!

What is your go-to lip care of choice? Is it the same in the evening as it is in the morning? What is your favourite brand and how much do you apply? How often do you apply?

Well, just in case you thought this wasn’t a big deal, or if you were wondering what you should be using, especially in this Winter season, OR maybe you just want to try something new, here is my list of lip care, mostly inexpensive, that I think would really help you and my reasons for them. Most of these can be found at your local drugstore or even on Amazon as add-ons because they’re so affordable.

I’ll start with my basics, the kind people don’t usually talk about but are pretty common during the Winter months and especially in February.

Good ole’ Vaseline Lip Therapy. If you come from a home like mine, you know all about the multiple uses of vaseline for your whole body and even your boots…, but in recent years I came across the little personalized tin versions of the Lip Therapy options. My favourites are the Aloe and the Gold Dust options. They come in many scents and offer a lot of moisture that I find moisturizing throughout the night without being sticky in the morning nor does it leave that weird white line composed of product and saliva. Lips are supple in the morning and who doesn’t want that?! This one retails online and in stores for about $3.

For my morning routine, I usually go with this one as soon as I’ve finished brushing my teeth. It’s medicated which some may find harsh, but I find with some stick-to-it-tiveness and a generous amount applied, lips tend to receive the medicated goodness of Blistex’s Lip Conditioner. I like to use the ones in the pink or white container. For some reason I find the ones in pots you have to dig into are a little more potent than the sticks, but really both do the same job. The stick is probably more sanitary, but since you’re probably not sharing your lip meds, it’s fine. I prefer these two options because they also offer SPF which is important all year round and not just in the summer and they are infused with cocoa butter. If you’ve got skin then you need SPF. As mentioned previously, I have two-toned lips with two different textures, so it’s important for me to wear sunscreen on my lips so that I always know what my base colours are. Blistex Lip Conditioner helps with that. It also absorbs quickly enough that the oils and moisturizer don’t interfere with my lip colour of choice that day while still leaving me moisturized.

This next one is by Bite Beauty Lab. Bite Beauty Lab is one of the only places, in my opinion, that says vegan and made with stuff you can eat and it actually feels and tastes that way. (Don’t eat product off of your lips, but I guess if you’re going to lick them occasionally, you might as well enjoy the flavour as well as the texture. This Day-time only lip balm is made with Agave Nectar, Mongongo Oil, and Cocoa Butter. There’s so much Vitamin E that you can actually feel your lips being repaired or soothed. It comes in a sheer finish which is perfect if you need lip balm under your lip wear choice. This retails on the Bite Beauty Lab site for $16. Win Win!

Also pictured here is the Scrub for damaged lips or to just exfoliate.

One day I was going for a walk in my super grocery store and happened upon that section that is a cross between skin care, pharmacy, baby wipes, and make up. There was a display set up with a company’s goodies I hadn’t heard of before. Lique Cosmetics, (pronounced Lick) had me intrigued. I stood there and googled them in the store as other customers milled about around me. This company is by Women and for Women, so naturally I’m for them! They use vegan products to provide women with natural options and fun ones too at affordable prices. Yes, you should check them out and do your own google search and then buy your own, because this tea is the only thing I’m spilling. I picked up their Coral shade of lip balm in Fabulous. But you don’t have to stop there (I haven’t), because they have everything from lip scrubs to beautifully named lip wear in all sorts of textures. Oh and they’re products are so vegan and cruelty-free, you can lick your lips and eat that scrub right off of your pout when you’re done.

Now I’ve already shared my feelings about Juvia’s Place and the wonderful product they provide, but I hadn’t tried their lip care products until the Christmas season. There was a sale and a sale is always a great opportunity to learn…and shop, lol! I bought a lip balm in the flavour and colour Passion Fruit. It has a light tint and is so moisturizing. It boasts the use of Mango and Shea butters along with other ingredients to keep lips hydrated and moisturized. It comes in two other options as well and it’s sleek design is perfect for any purse or pocket should you happen to be on the go.

NARS is a beautiful addition to any part of your personal make up routine, but lip care too?! I had no idea until I placed an order with Sephora for something and got to open the package to find my birthday present option in there. I love when stores celebrate their customers. I received a decent sample size in their lip balm Laguna which is tinted a light brown with sparse gold sparkles for just that hint of brilliance. This one is great if your lip wear choice for the day is your balm. Reapplying it is easy and your lips will thank you every time. And because there would have been a NARS price tag attached, I’m glad I got to try it for free first. But knowing myself and my love of nice lip-related things, I will probably own the full size very soon.

Last but certainly not least, is this beautiful trio of lip care from E.L.F. Cosmetics. I have to admit that at first I didn’t always take E.L.F seriously because they are soooooo affordable. I owned a few pieces and a couple brushes but nothing I would’ve written home about. But E.L.F. decided to advertise these beauties whilst I was scrolling on the gram and then I came across one of my favourite beauty influencers using it in her videos.I just wanted to know one way or another if it was worth my time. I bought the set of Ride or Die Lip Balm in the colours Tough Cookie, PSL, and Boss Berry. I was wonderfully surprised when they finally arrived in the mail. They are well pigmented and double very well as a lip wear choice while they also provide moisture and hydration to lips in and out of the cold weather. I couldn’t help myself but take these pictures. All of the pigments compliment the wearer because they are still sheer while they also offer a weird kind of full coverage that sheer things don’t usually do. I’m hooked!

I know you’re probably wondering after having read all of my lip care choices as to why I have so many just for lip care. Remember all of those pockets and purses I told you about?! Well, it’s good to be prepared no matter where you’re going and what outfit you’re rocking. An outfit with dry lips is just a messy sad situation. In Toronto, we get winds and wind gusts that will dry skin without permission and faster than you can measure. In the Summer, we get lovely heat and sun exposure that will burn you without a second thought. It is important to give our lips a fighting chance while they boast our beauty. Cracked lips are not kissable and bloody lips aren’t cute, so love on your lips. Get 10 of the same one or explore like I do, but before you select your favourite colour, hydrate, protect, and moisturize your lips. You officially have no excuse. (You’re welcome! )

Tell me what some of your favourite lip wear choices are or if you use something entirely different. Meet me on the gram @thelipstickblogger or send me a note here. Until next time, whatever lip care you choose #WearItLikeYouMeanIt.

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Temeka Williams is a Toronto based 30-something-year-old Musician, Singer-Songwriter. She loves Jesus, Cheese, her friends and family, Aunty time with her niece and nephews, and colour in any form. If she’s not teaching ESL, she’s probably playing her guitar , writing a new song, or testing out some new lip-wear.

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